Over the last several shows, it is becoming more apparent that Brendan Monroe is in the middle of a transition period. Although it can be argued that all artists are constantly evolving and technically always in “transition,” most collectors have noticed less and less figurative elements to his work. For example, he rarely adds faces to his characters anymore. Perhaps it’s a conscious desire to distance himself from the “Low Brow” scene or perhaps it’s a subconscious progression into more abstract imagery. His upcoming show on October 11th with Evah Fan at Galerie L.J. Beaubourg is no exception to the rule.

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Brendan again mixes his trademark “earth tones” palette with “looser” versions of forms well known to those familiar with his work. We love the organic feel and texture to his art and look forward to seeing where he takes his next big body of work (probably at the Richard Heller Gallery next year).  Check out the rest of the preview below…

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