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Openings: Greg Simkins – “Inside the Outside” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

This past weekend, AM attended the opening of Greg “Craola” Simkins‘ (featured) newest show “Inside the Outside” at New York’s Joshua Liner Gallery. Our anticipation has been building ever since we brought you a preview from Greg’s Los Angeles based studio. At that time, only part of this body of work was complete and apparently it was only the tip of the iceberg. Ever the diligent perfectionist, Greg works to push his technical skills a little bit further each time we see his work. As we […]

Openings: Candice Tripp – “Tiny Drama” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Opening along side Kris Kuksi (covered) this weekend at Joshua Liner Gallery, Candice Tripp (interviewed) made her New York debut with a fabulous showing.  The large body of work was chock full of witty spins on traditional wives’ tales told in a unique point of view that only Candice can have. The pieces certainly didn’t disappoint, with the detailed work taking viewers on a “trippy” journey. Check out all the pics after the jump.

Openings: Kenji Hirata and Ryan McLennan @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Saturday night, the Joshua Liner Gallery played host to the openings of two striking solo shows. In the front gallery, Kenji Hirata presented “The Way Out Is The Way In,” a bold collection of modern abstract paintings on canvas and paper. Hirata superimposes bright opaque colors within flat color fields, which brings to mind minimalist or hard-edged painters of the mid-20th century. At the same time, his organic forms and use of subtle gradients creates motion and energy often lacking in such modern works. In […]

Openings: Yumiko Kayukawa – “God from the East” & Ben Tour @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Over the weekend, AM attended the opening of two shows at New York’s Joshua Liner Gallery. In the front gallery was Yumiko Kayukawa’s “God from the East,” which consists of a new collection of small- and medium-sized paintings. Kayukawa’s work blends modern and traditional aspects of Japanese culture with a colorful, playful style.  In gallery two, Vancouver-based artist Ben Tour is exhibiting a selection of dark and free-flowing portraits of women on canvas and paper, as well as a large-scale mural. Check all the images, […]

Openings: Mike Davis & Heidi Taillefer @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Last Saturday, the Joshua Liner Gallery hosted the opening of shows by two talented painters, Mike Davis and Heidi Taillefer. Although the two are seemingly very different, the pairing of Davis and Taillefer begins to make perfect sense once one sees the work together. Both artists work in oil, are very technically proficient and could be labeled “pop-surrealists.”  But beyond that, both incorporate their surrealist imagery within more classical styles of painting. Davis is obviously highly influenced by the Dutch Masters, so much so that […]

Openings: Aiko – “Love Monster” @ Joshua Liner

AM was out in Chelsea last Saturday night to attend the opening of AIKO’s solo show “Love Monster” at Joshua Liner Gallery. And Lady Aiko didn’t disappoint, filling the entire gallery with eye-popping works, from floor to ceiling mixed-media canvases to striking stenciled windows to an installation of stenciled paint cans. By all accounts, the show is a must see. But for those who can’t get there in person, check out the pics after the jump.

Preview: AIKO – “Love Monster” @ Joshua Liner

This Saturday, Joshua Liner will host the opening of “Love Monster,” Japanese-born Brooklyn-based artist Aiko’s first solo show with the gallery and her largest exhibition to date. Since parting ways with street art collective Faile in 2006, Aiko has been steadily developing as a solo artist, utilizing her substantial stencil, spraypaint and wheatpaste technique to create vibrant large-scale mixed media works. Her imagery is often sexually charged depictions of women culled from comics, pulp novel covers and even soft-core porn. However Aiko is able to […]

Releases: Matzu Kirin print @ Joshua Liner Gallery

In conjunction with Tomokazu “Matzu” Matsuyama’s upcoming full-gallery solo exhibition Glancing at the Twin Peak opening in NYC on Friday March 6th, Joshua Liner Gallery has just released a stunning 30-color silkscreen print of one of Matzu’s emblamatic Kirins. The print is 24″ x 30″ in a small edition of 30, and will be priced at $550. AM will soon be posting more exclusive information about what is sure to be a fantastic show. In the meantime, to purchase the print or for more information […]

Preview: Joshua Liner Gallery @ Scope Miami

Joshua Liner Gallery was nice enough to send us some images of works that the gallery is showing at this year’s Scope Miami art fair. Liner has a strong bill for Scope, showing Aiko, Kris Kuksi and Matzu—all artists who have already reached some level of success, and whose art will no doubt be well-received by the throngs of art collectors from around the world. From the preview pics, it looks like Aiko and Matzu have each contributed several bold, large-scale paintings; images of Kuksi’s […]

Preview: Josh Keyes @ OKOK Gallery

As promised in last month’s Josh Keyes teaser, AM continues with a preview of the much anticipated Josh Keyes’ show Mist at OKOK gallery this Saturday. We have obtained a couple new images to whet your appetite before Saturday’s opening. This highly awaited show offers at least 10 paintings and a rumored “butterfly” installation that should get the crowd buzzing! Keyes’ theme for the show, Mist, stresses the delicate balance of the environment and its natural inhabitants. Central figures of the artwork showcased are the […]