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Sketchbook: Josh Keyes – “Fragment”

Following up on a great opening at JLG, Josh Keyes posted up some additional photos of his creative process for the creation of his newest body of work “Fragment” – (covered). The images allow us to gain some access into the meticulous thought process Josh goes through before ever laying a brush on canvas. It’s incredibly insightful to see the all the notes and sketches that lead to the creation of many of the pieces that we saw at the show. We also note some of the […]

Openings: Josh Keyes – “Fragment” @ Jonathan LeVine

AM was in Chelsea last night for the latest much-anticipated solo show by Josh Keyes (interviewed), entitled “Fragment,” at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. As expected, the large crowd was blown away by Keyes’ newest series of realistic-stylized portrayals of animals battling for survival against a hostile environment. And for the first time in a long time, Keyes included a human (non-statue) figure in one of his works – a portrait of himself presumably in a post-apocalyptic world – which takes a more direct approach in his […]

Update: Josh Keyes – “Fragment” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

As we eagerly await AM favorite Josh Keyes’ (interviewed) solo show “Fragment” opening this Saturday at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, we can share with you a shot from Josh’s new studio in Portland of the work in progress for the new body of work. The painting on the easel is entitled “Shedding.” Read on to see the finished painting and the other works we previewed previously as well as a new image of a self portrait piece for the show…

Preview: Josh Keyes – “Fragment” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

It doesn’t take much from Josh Keyes (interviewed) to throw us into a frenzy here at the AM offices. Two recent images have leaked from his upcoming show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in January that have us excited for his new body of work that will be entitled “Fragment.” We’ll have more coverage to follow as the show nears, but make sure to check out the other image after the jump…