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Openings: John Brophy & Stacey Rozich – “The Saddest Heart on the Holy Mountain” & “Shine” @ Roq La Rue

Roq La Rue welcomed back one of the gallery favorites John Brophy to a packed house on December 4th. These new works, entitled The Saddest Heart on the Holy Mountain, continues the artist’s commentary on the juxtaposition between religious imagery and science. The Venus of Willendorf takes flight in several pieces, including a set of three works each painted in their own element, literally. Brophy also has expanded upon his technique of painting portraiture to experiment with the full figured Waiting for the Miracle.  The paint […]

Openings: Stacey Rozich – “Within Without Me” @ Roq la Rue

With rising notoriety, local artist Stacey Kozich’s Within Without Me exhibition kicked off the Roq la Rue Gallery’s new Pioneer Square location with a jam packed crowd. Rozich’s bright color palette drew in patrons as they made their way through the neighborhood’s monthly artwalk. The gallery was quickly filled as they explored the inner workings of the exhibition. From afar, the masked characters seem peaceful enough, but when you get in close, the pieces convey a much darker sentiment. While some creatures exhibit exuberance, others […]