With rising notoriety, local artist Stacey Kozich’s Within Without Me exhibition kicked off the Roq la Rue Gallery’s new Pioneer Square location with a jam packed crowd. Rozich’s bright color palette drew in patrons as they made their way through the neighborhood’s monthly artwalk. The gallery was quickly filled as they explored the inner workings of the exhibition. From afar, the masked characters seem peaceful enough, but when you get in close, the pieces convey a much darker sentiment. While some creatures exhibit exuberance, others wait behind the bushes, planning what would seem like an ambush of sorts. Gambling and muggings aren’t off the table either as the big bullies the little, a not too uncommon theme in the current political landscape.

Within Without Me will be on display at the Roq’s new location on 532 1 st Ave. South in Seattle, until June 1st.
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