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Streets: Titi Freak / Art Rua (Rio de Janeiro)

Last week, as part of the festivities surrounding the fifth annual ArtRua fair, held in the Centro Cultural Ação da Cidadania in Rio de Janeiro, local artists were invited in to paint some large panels for the fairgoers to enjoy. As one of the chosen artists, Titi Freak painted a man posed upside down with his usual style and technique and entitled it “A queda do ego” or “The fall of the ego.” Take a look at more photos below… Discuss Titi Freak here.

Streets: Titi Freak (Sao Paulo)

After sharing with you a new mural that Titi Freak painted in Rio de Janeiro for Seido Restaurant a couple of months ago, we now have for you some of his public art for you. Featuring something that appears frequently in his work, Koi fish, the Brazilian artist once again draws from his his Japanese heritage to gift this street in Sao Paulo with his imagery. Take a look at some more detail shots below… Discuss Titi Freak here.

Titifreak for Seido Restaurant (Rio de Janeiro)

Brazilian street artist Ttitfreak recently released photos of a mural he recently painted for Seido Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro. Drawing from his Japanese heritage, his imagery fits in perfectly with the cuisine in this restaurant which in this case featured one of the koi fish that we often see from him. Take a look at more progress shots down below and stop by for a look if you are in town for the World Cup. Photo credit: Henrique Madeira. Discuss Titifreak here.

Releases: Titi Freak – “Atmosphera” Print

Brazilian street artist Titi Freak recently announced the release of a new print entitled Atmosphera featuring a floating figure with a spray can. The eight color screen print, rendered in his abstract aesthetic and palette mix, is limited to a run of 50. If interested contact the KINGCAP#SP shop at [email protected]. More views of the image below… Discuss Titi Freak here.

Showing: Titi Freak – “In A Dream” @ Black Book Gallery

Earlier this month, the Black Book Gallery in Denver opened In A Dream, a new solo from Titi Freak. Sending over works from Brazil, the artist known for his street art made his heritage and his two years apprenticing in Japan count by letting their influence shine through. The new body of work is centered around a large 10 panel wood piece featuring a koi fish, and supported by loose portraits as well as a wall of leaves. Take a look at more photos from the exhibition below… Photos via […]

Upcoming: Titi Freak – “In A Dream” @ Black Book Gallery

On August 2nd, the Black Book Gallery in Denver will be hosting a new solo show from Titi Freak. Featuring works that combine influences from his Japanese heritage and the urban aesthetic from the streets of Sao Paulo, the exhibition from the Brazil-based painter will be entitled In A Dream. Those in the area should make plans to attend if interested. Discuss Titifreak here.

Openings: “Wider than a postcard” & olive47 – “bonita bonita” @ Breeze Block Gallery

Breeze Block Gallery opened their huge group show Wider than a postcard (previewed) alongside the first solo show in their new gallery 2 space – olive47’s bonita bonita (featured) a couple of weeks back to a packed Portland crowd. Over 400 individual works went into the postcard show with 200 artists providing postcard sized works. The work was hung on the walls in grids of 24 cards, each echoing the aspect ratio of the individual works themselves as each work was 6×4 inches. The variance of work encompassed photography […]

Previews: “Wider than a postcard” @ Breeze Block Gallery

On the back of his Space//Form group exhibition last year (covered), Arrested Motion’s Sven Davis is working with Breeze Block Gallery in Portland again on another huge group event entitled Wider than a postcard. With over 200 artists and 400 individual works, this exhibition looks to be both bigger than the previous event and also smaller at the same time as all of the artworks are postcard sized at 6×4 inches. Each artist is either making work on a found / owned postcard and adapting / adding […]

Streets: Miss Van (Brazil) – Part II

Recently, French street painter Miss Van has been spending quite a bit of time in Brazil. While there for four months, she mostly stayed in the hotbed of street activity and home to many artists seen here AM – Sao Paulo. She was able to get up solo on multiple walls, but much of the time was also spent painting with friends like Zezao, CiroSchu, and Titifreak. We already shared some of these murals in Part I of our coverage, but now enjoy some more photos as well […]

Streets: World Roundup (July 16 – 22)

Leading off last week’s Streets: World Roundup is this amazing mural (seen above) painted over the course of a year by Josef Kristofoletti. The project was commissioned by the ATLAS Experiment at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research and was painted on the side of the ATLAS control room directly above the detector, near the Swiss-French border outside of Geneva by the Texas-based artist. It depicts the artist’s interpretation of what the Higgs boson might look like. For those interested, Kristofoletti also sent us a link […]