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Openings: The London Police – “Brothers in Arms” @ Carmichael Gallery

The London Police opened a huge show last week in Los Angeles at the Carmichael Gallery located out on La Brea. The art lovers of LA came out in strong numbers to support the show and to catch the premiere of the Ashton Kutcher produced “Brothers In Arms” short film (teased) that chronicled 5 days of the TLP being handcuffed together during the final touches of their show. The flim is hilarious and came out so good. Thanks to NOMAD (who’s still in town after his […]

Setup/Preview: The London Police – “Brothers in Arms” @ Carmichael Gallery

As you have seen in the video trailer we posted recently, The TLP (The London Police) show “Brothers in Arms” opening this Thursday looks to be an entertaining show. AM had the opportunity to stop by Carmichael Gallery last week to take a gander at what the dynamic duo were up to. We walked away impressed by their amazing linework (so perfect, it’s been mistaken for silkscreening) and more appreciative of the richer environments and growth of their work ever since Bob Gibson rejoined Chaz […]

Video: The London Police – “Brothers in Arms” Preview

AM stopped by Carmichael Gallery on Friday to check in on Chaz and Bob (The London Police) and their newest show “Brothers in Arms” (teased). We were surprise to see them handcuffed together as they went about finishing up their paintings and setting up their show (some of their best work to date by the way).  Suffice it to say that it will make it interesting in the days leading up to the opening next Thursday night.  We’ll have more on our little visit later […]

Teaser: London Police – “Brothers in Arms” @ Carmichael Gallery

The London Police (TLP) are coming to LA!  Last we saw them, they were opening a solo show at Stolenspace in April (covered).  In these teaser pics, we can definitely see references such as Disneyland, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Hollywood sign among many others.  Their solo “Brothers in Arms” is set to open September 10th at Carmichael Gallery. More pics after the jump.