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Showing: “This Is Not A Toy” @ Design Exchange

Currently showing at the Design Exchange in Toronto is a show curated by Pharrell Williams entitled This Is Not A Toy. An avid collector himself, the American singer, songwriter, and producer has lent his expertise to the exhibition dedicated to the rise of the “art toy.” As referenced in the title of the show, the Canadian museum seeks to examine the fine line between art and design object. Photo credit: Arash Moallemi. Via Designboom.

Openings: Tessar Lo – “oh, ou, ohh, o” @ Cooper Cole Gallery

Tessar Lo’s (featured) newest series oh, ou, ohh, o opened last Friday at Toronto’s Cooper Cole Gallery. If you remember, we visited with Lo in his studio a couple months ago as he was preparing these new works so it was nice to see them completed and hanging together on the walls. Fans of the Toronto-based artist will note this show includes a lot of expansion for the artist including  new techniques, new themes and use of new materials. More photos below… Photo credit: Paddy Leung and Antonius Lo. Discuss Tessar […]

Studio Visits: Tessar Lo

A few weeks ago AM got a chance to visit with artist Tessar Lo at his Toronto studio. He was just coming off of recent group shows More Than Two (Let It Make Itself) at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto and Buddy System at the Breeze Block Gallery in Portland. Tessar’s process involves tapping into the unconscious, creating imagery that feels poignant despite its abstraction, using color and shape to convey unspoken meaning but maintaining a haunting familiarity. He challenges the viewer to digest the work without having something […]

Showing: Todd James – “Splash Damage” @ Cooper Cole Gallery

Earlier this month, Todd “REAS” James opened a showing in Toronto at the Cooper Cole Gallery entitled Splash Damage. Included in the work on display are his familiar pirate paintings as well as some loose still lifes of women and their cats rendered in the American artist’s cartoonish style. for those in town, the exhibition runs through December 7th so stop by for a look yourself. More photos below… Discuss Todd James here.

Previews: Todd James – “Splash Damage” @ Cooper Cole Gallery

A couple of months after his latest solo show in Madrid, Spain (covered), and few weeks after taking part in Brutal group show in London (covered), American artist Todd James is about to open his next solo show at Cooper Cole Gallery in Toronto. It’s been two years since his last solo show there, and in the meantime his recognizable style and imagery got a massive recognition worldwide. Splash Damage features new works from his ongoing series of figurative paintings on canvas and paper. Using bright basic colors, the […]

Showing: Ai Weiwei – “Forever Bicycles” @ Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Currently in Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square, Ai Weiwei’s Forever Bicycles installation is on display 24 hours a day until October 27th. The piece consisting of 3,144 bicycles is in town for the Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, an annual celebration of contemporary art in the largest city of Canada. We first saw a version of this intricate and complex structure from the Chinese activist-artist back in 2011 when we visited Taiwan, and strongly recommend you check it out for yourself if you are in the area. Take a look at more in […]

Showing: Jen Stark – “Vortextural” @ Cooper Cole

Earlier this month, we brought you shots from the studio of Jen Stark as she prepped works for her current show at Cooper Cole in Toronto. Vortextural continues her continued exploration of papercut sculptures as she brings novel new shapes and forms to her oeuvre with an accompanying refining of her craftsmanship. Each piece reflects her fascination with color theory and draws heavily from her interest in mathematics, leaving a viewer mesmerized by what is in front of them. See more installation views and a closer look at the […]

Preview: Paul Wackers – “Almost Somewhere” @ Narwhal Projects

After a recent showing in Los Angeles (covered), Paul Wackers will be taking his contemporary still life paintings up north for an exhibition at Narwhal Projects, opening on June 13th. Almost Somewhere will be the Brooklyn-based artist’s first showcase at the Toronto gallery and will continue his representations of domestic collections of objects and plants in his unique way. Wacker’s imagery include of geometric & abstract elements and is richly textured & layered, a result of his technique that often times include multiple components that are created separately before assemblage. […]

Showing: Geoff McFetridge – “Floating” @ Cooper Cole

A couple weeks ago, Toronto saw the opening for Geoff McFetridge’s first showing in his native country. Hosted at the Cooper Cole Gallery, Floating featured a series of work that highlighted the artist and designer’s unique perspective and talent with distilling the basic essence of his subjects onto canvas. The show runs through December 8th for those of you in the area. Discuss this show here. Discuss Geoff McFetridge here.

Preview: Kozyndan – “Breaking Circles, Broken Light” @ Narwhal Gallery

On Friday night (November 16th), Kozyndan will be returning to Canada for an exhibition entitled Breaking Circles, Broken Light at the Narwhal Gallery in Toronto. Included in the exhibition are 25 paintings, 6 ceramic sculptures and 3 resin sculptures all based on various endangered animals in a more experimental show for the husband and wife duo where they try all kinds of new mediums. Check out some more preview shots below… Discuss this show here. Discuss Kozyndan here.