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Publications: Viral Art by RJ Rushmore

Viral Art is the latest venture from Vandalog editor RJ Rushmore. Taking the form of a free e-book, the publication analyses how graffiti and street art has been communicated from the early days of trading photos, zines and physical books to the social media explosion of recent times. As it was written by someone who has immersed himself in the internet world of graffiti and street art throughout his young years, the book should make for an interesting read. RJ is also experimenting with viral media […]

Openings: Vandalog & M.A.N.Y – “Up Close & Personal”

AM recently attended a group exhibition (previewed) held by Vandalog and M.A.N.Y. in New York. The show Up Close & Personal was unique in the sense that it was not held outdoors or in a gallery, but in an actual apartment on the Upper West Side. The show was limited to viewing for less than a week, but less is more as art fans were escorted in small groups for an intimate viewing session of small works by Aiko, Chris Stain, Elbowtoe, Gaia, How & […]

Previews: Vandalog & M.A.N.Y – “Up Close & Personal”

Vandalog and M.A.N.Y. have teamed up to create a unique group show that will be in New York for a limited time starting today and running through the weekend. Entitled Up Close and Personal, this exhibition will showcase the works from artists who have created large mural works in the past by taking them indoors into the intimate setting of a residential apartment in Manhattan. Works no smaller than a metro card and no bigger than 30 x 30 inches have been created by artists […]

Releases: Vandalog Limited Editioned Shirts (Gaia, Faro & Troy Lovegates)

Our friend RJ at Vandalog has been working on this project all summer and we’re happy to announce that his project is now in full bloom. Tapping into some of his favorite street artists, RJ has created a very limited edition (less than 40) screenprint shirts to launch his new Vandalog clothing label. Being all about the artist, you won’t see the Vandalog logo anywhere, instead you’ll find all artwork dead and center. To start off, the three artist involved are Gaia (ed. of 37), […]

Teaser: “The Thousands” Group Exhibition @ Village Underground

Compile a list of the most important international street artists historically and contemporaneously and chances are, the names you have chosen are included in “The Thousands,” the most expansive street art exhibition to hit London this year. The show has been organized by AM’s friend RJ of Vandalog and aims to celebrate the achievements of street artists around the world and aid in solidifying their rightful place in art history. Set in the main atrium of Village Underground, “The Thousands” will open November 18th and run through November 22nd. A companion book will be published by Drago Lab to commemorate […]

Update: Swoon – “The Swimming Cities of Serenissima”

Last time we interviewed Swoon, she was getting ready to set sail on her latest journey (The Swimming Cities of Serenissima) to Venice with her hand crafted fleet of ships. Thanks to our boys at Vandalog, we caught up with Swoon just as her mini-armada arrived for the Bienalle in Venice.  Here are some pics of Swoon and her crew as they docked in in the city of canals. More photos after the jump.