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Streets: El Mac x Shamsia Hassan (Vietnam)

Last weekend, the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial was held in Australia and with it, a new mural from El Mac was unveiled. Originally painted in Vietnam, the piece entitled Birds of No Nation was a collaboration with Shamsia Hassan, probably the only serious female graffiti writer in Afghanistan and also an associate professor in the Fine Arts Department at Kabul University. The central figure is based on her portrait with the surrounding designs and poetry by Hassani. It reads: پرنده های بی وطن ،همه اسیرن […]

Videos: El Mac Artist Statement – Vietnam

Last year, you may recall when we brought you photos of a mural from El Mac painted in Vietnam during a period of travel. We followed that up with an article featuring a creative process video for that mural, but the LA-based street muralist wasn’t interviewed as part of the footage at that point.  Now, comes an insightful video that fills in the gaps of his trip where Mac talks about his beginnings, the issues with local paint & cans, his signature “ripple” effect, graffiti specific […]