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Video / Streets: Viva La Revolucion Final Roundup

For those of you who have been following out coverage of the Viva La Revolucion exhibition, we have for you a final roundup of the work put up around San Diego by the participating artists. We start you off with completed pics of Shepard Fairey’s (featured) Burmese Monk mural in South Park. The large mural was even more impressive when you consider that it was all painted/stenciled as opposed to the usual wheatpaste. More images of this piece and others after the jump as well […]

Openings: “Viva La Revolucion” @ Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

Saturday evening in San Diego was a great night for street, urban, and new contemporary art. With many of the museums in so-called cultural centers of this country and world still slow to embrace a rapidly growing movement, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego made it clear where they stand with an amazing exhibition of some of the major players in this art “Revolucion”. Not only did the city open up their public spaces to the artists (albeit still with some naysayers), they also […]

Preview: Viva La Revolucion @ MCASD

AM headed down to San Diego on Friday morning to catch the press preview of Viva La Revolucion at MCASD (check out our street coverage here). It was great to wander around the Jacobs Building and get a sneak peek of everything the artists have been working on indoors after seeing all the amazing pieces that have been popping up on the streets of the city. Pedro Alonzo, the exhibition’s curator, led a talk around the museum and spoke about the different artists and their work. Shepard Fairey, David Ellis, Stephan […]

Streets: Shepard Fairey for Viva La Revolucion (Part 3)

After finishing his mural in Hillcrest for the Viva La Revolucion exhibition, Shepard Fairey’s (featured) moved to the next spot – South Park (29th and Ivy). From the looks of things, this piece will be a larger version of his “Burmese Monk” image. Those in San Diego, make sure you get out and find all these street gems by these major artists as most likely, this will be the only time in the near future where you will have this opportunity in your hometown. More […]

Streets: Shepard Fairey for Viva La Revolucion (Part 2)

After stopping by earlier to this week to catch the beginning of Shepard Fairey’s (featured) mural in Hillcrest, AM went back to snap some pics of the finished mural. Shep has already moved on to the next spot (more on that later) as he is pasting up San Diego to prep for Viva La Revolucion opening this weekend. More detailed pics from our friend, Stephanie Fong, after the jump…

Streets: Os Gemeos for Viva La Revolucion

It seems like every time there is an important museum exhibiton, art festival or fair, Os Gemeos is sure to be invited to participate. Who can blame the curators though as the twins never cease to amaze with their indoor and outdoor works featuring colorful and imaginative characters showcasing the vigor and lifeblood of Brazil? Coming off their work for Fame Fest ’10, Otavio and Gustavo join the list of who’s who in street art in sunny San Diego for the epic “Viva La Revolucion” […]

Streets: Shepard Fairey for Viva La Revolucion (Part 1)

As we hinted in our facebook page yesterday, AM photographer, Cecilia Do, has been monitoring the progress of the mural Shepard Fairey (featured) has been working on in San Diego. The massive undertaking, located in Hillcrest (on Fifth between University and Washington) is part of the public works slated for the big Viva La Revolucion show opening this weekend at the MCASD. Take our look at other artists who have put up pieces already (here), as well as more pics of Shep and his crew […]

Streets: Invader in San Diego

As we have reported, the “Viva la Revolución : A Dialogue with the Urban Landscape” group show is fast approaching. While Barry McGee et al. were leaving their controversial mark in San Diego, Invader has been quietly getting up around town with his signature tile work, even getting close to the Navy ships stationed there it seems. There is method to his madness though as you will see in the video trailer after the jump; his path of street work forms a huge invader piece […]

Streets / Video: Twist, Amaze, Resq, Stefan, Deej, CBT Crew in San Diego

So, that epic wall chock full of handstyles that we posted up last night was actually from San Diego where Barry McGee and the rest of the crew (Amaze, Resq, Stefan, Deej) were in town to prep for the big “Viva La Revolucion” exhibition opening next month at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. If you want to check some of this work out, you’d better hurry as apparently the San Diego residents aren’t as into art as some towns and have been raising […]

Streets: Twist & Amaze

Not sure when or where this went up, but it looks to be a pretty sick “tag-athon” of this particular wall. As you can see, it seems both SF legends Twist (Barry McGee) & Amaze were involved in this piece as reported by Upper Playground. For those who can’t get enough of McGee check out our coverage of his recent museum shows in Oakland and Bolinas. Discuss Barry McGee here.