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Openings: Aaron De La Cruz – “Long Walk Home” @ Loft In Space

We first met Bay Area graffiti artist, designer, and illustrator Aaron De La Cruz at POW WOW earlier this year where he painted wall murals utilizing his minimalistic and signature patterns. Long Walk Home sees him return to the scene of the crime, Loft in Space, with more of his work, this time in the form of a solo exhibition. The show runs through next week until November 11th, so stop by if you are lucky enough to live in or be visiting Oahu. More […]

Videos: Steve Powers – “Flights of Genius” @ Ogilvy & Mather

Back in July, we told you about a series of commissioned pieces by Steve Powers, painted in the stairwell of Ogilvy & Mather in New York. ESPO’s love for signs and phraseology was definitely evident as he reinterpret the words and quotes of agency founder David Ogilvy into inspirational murals. Now comes this insightful video as the Philadelphia-based artist talks about his beginnings and his love for “advertisement,” albeit stripped of its commercial aspect and replaced by emotional content, and diverted to shed light on […]

Teaser: Mars-1 @ Fecal Face Dot Gallery

On 11/11/11, San Francisco will be the site of Mars-1’s (featured) latest solo show, his first in the area since 2005. The new body of work will be hosted at a temporary location (248 Clement St. @4th Ave) as the Fecal Face Dot Gallery’s main space was the victim of a fire recently. We hope to expect more otherworldly paintings, full or organic and perhaps alien lifeforms as well a continued exploration of some black and white imagery. Showcard after the jump…

Releases: James Jean – “Lotus War Pyramid”

That Lotus War Pyramid print from James Jean (featured) that we told you about a couple weeks ago is now available online. For the New Yorkers out there, this new release was sold at Jean’s signing at Reed Space, but now fans everywhere can purchase one for themselves. The five-color, 26 x 30 inch limited edition is signed and numbered and will be produced with a run of 555. A couple more pics after the jump…

Preview: Tom Sachs – “WORK” @ Sperone Westwater

Tonight, November 4th, the Sperone Westwater Gallery, whose showspace was named the Best New Building in NYC recently, will be hosting a new body of work from Tom Sachs. Drawing from a diverse set of inspirations including “historic objects and cultural iconography – Sèvres porcelain, traditional African symbols, Pop, NASA, and the singer and songwriter James Brown – the hardest working man in show business,” the NY-based artist continues to explore his obsession with the the ritual act of work itself (well documented in these […]

Streets: Ma’claim (Egypt)

After showing you a piece memorializing the late Khaled Said by Case, we present further evidence that the Ma’claim crew has interest in Egypt and the current political upheaval there. Akut from Herakut along with Rusk, Tasso, and the aforementioned Case were recently in the country hitting up the streets of Cairo and Alexandria with murals. They were in also in town for the release of the Arabic Graffiti book from From Here To Fame Publishing. More photos via the publisher taken by Joel Sames […]


As you saw briefly in our recent update on the street festivities down in Miami, the Bay area-based ABOVE (interviewed) worked on a piece painted with his signature letters spelling out “GIVE A WALL ST. BANKER ENOUGH ROPE AND HE WILL HANG HIMSELF.” The mural, which also featured a man in a suit hanged in effigy along with the prolific street artist’s well known arrows, drew much attention and was featured on the local news. Enjoy the video (seen above) detailing the creative process that […]

Preview: “Homeroom” @ Subtext Gallery

Coming up on November 11th, the Subtext Gallery in San Diego will be hosting a group show entitled Homeroom. Curated by Christina Conway and featuring Allison Sommers, Audrey Kawasaki (featured above), Catherine Brooks, Chris Ryniak, Jeya, JUURI, Kelly Vivanco, Nimit Malavia, Tran Nguyen, Yoskay Yamamoto, among others, the showing encourages the artists to reinterpret a piece of art created during their childhood. Another preview image after the jump…

Previews: Faile – “Fragments of Faile” @ Lazarides (Rathbone)

Today, Faile’s (featured) latest exhibition Fragments of Faile will be revealed at London’s Lazarides Rathbone gallery space. As mentioned in our teaser, the details to this show was kept close to the vest as all the Brooklyn duo wanted revealed was that there was a new direction for this body of works. Now that the opening is imminent, the collective sent us some preview pics to share with our readers. From what we see, it looks like the Patricks have gone back a little to their painterly roots and created a […]

Aakash Nihalani x Facebook Installations

Our last update on the whereabouts of NY-based artist Aakash Nihalani had placed him in India where he took time to work some of his tape magic in with some local flavor. Now, he just informed us that he created several installations for the Facebook offices, joining the likes of David Choe on Mark Zuckerberg’s like list. More images after the jump…