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Banksy – “The Antics Roadshow” TV Special

After his foray into films, it looks like Banksy will also begin dabbling in TV programming as he continues to use the media to spread his message. This Saturday, August 13th (10:45 pm local time), UK audiences will be able to catch The Antics Roadshow on Channel 4 as Mr. B charts the “history of behaving badly in public including the antics of anarchists, activists, and attention seeking eccentrics.” The show will be available online afterwards for those who miss it. The hour long special […]

Tim O’Brien – “Tupac at 40″ for XXL Mag

How would Tupac look at 40?  XXL magazine tries to answer this question with the 15-year anniversary of the rapper’s death coming up in September. Illustrator Tim O’Brien, whose death of Osama bin Laden cover for Time as well as sweet Charlie Brown painting we covered in the past, was tapped to paint his vision of the middle aged gangster rapper if he was still alive for the upcoming issue.  As he explained in his blog, this version of Tupac is if the years treated […]

Teasers: Hajime Sorayama – “Neo Japonism & Obsession” @ Beams B Gallery

Hajime Sorayama has been busy since we last saw him last Winter at New York’s Gering & Lopez Gallery. Now the legendary artist is launching an exhibition entitled Neo Japonism & Obsession in his home country of Japan at Tokyo’s Beams B Gallery. We Looking forward to seeing his paintings of pin up figures and fantasy drenched subjects for the opening come this Saturday, August 13th. Thanks to Hypebeast for the tip.

Preview / Installation: Dabs Myla – “The Best of Times” @ Thinkspace

This coming weekend, the duo known as Dabs Myla will present their latest solo exhibit over at Culver City’s Thinkspace Gallery. Titled The Best of Times, the show promises to deliver on their best work up to date which mainly focuses on their recent time spent across the great state of California. Apart from wall to wall paintings featuring their unique and cartoon-like style, the exhibit will feature sketches, drawings and 3D objects which will turn the gallery space into a sort of playhouse. So far, […]

Teaser: Andrew Schoultz & Paul Klee – “Images in Dialogue” @ SFMOMA

This Saturday, August 13th in San Francisco, a unique exhibition is opening at the SFMOMA. How do you hold a conversation artistically with someone long dead? Andrew Schoultz will attempt just that by creating a visual dialogue across a century with drawings that are a response to the works of Swiss-born Modernist Paul Klee. Andrew sent over the images of a couple of the pieces that will be displayed along with Klee’s, so if it intrigues you, stop by for the opening. One more image […]

Streets: COPE2 (Copenhagen)

Copenhagen has been a pretty popular destination for international artists recently. After only recently been gifted multiple murals from Shepard Fairey’s (featured), who was in town for his solo show (covered), renowned graffiti king COPE2 arrived to paint his famous “bubble” tags on an adjacent wall next to one of Shep’s pieces. The South Bronx wildstyle legend is in town for his own exhibition at Halvandet (more on the opening later). More views of the mural thanks to Henrik Haven after the jump…

Preview: Rob Sato – “The Open End” @ Copro Gallery

This Saturday night, August 13th at the Copro Gallery, Rob Sato will be opening his newest solo entitled The Open End. It seems the year that has elapsed since the talented painter showed at the same Santa Monica gallery has only served to sharpen his technique and exquisite touch. Each surreal scene he renders is packed with detail so make sure you are there to examine each work in person. More preview images after the jump…

Streets: Anthony Lister Murals (Los Angeles) Part I

Anthony Lister (interviewed) made unbelievably good use of his time when he was in Los Angeles recently for a show at HVW8 getting up all around town. With no less than eight different murals accounted for, we’ll be splitting them up into two articles to make them easier for fans to digest. Starting things off will be the piece he did in Downtown LA (Setup by L.A. Free Walls & Brooklyn Street Art) seen above and then we will move on to the HVW8 gallery […]

Videos: Ai Weiwei – “Art / Architecture” @ The Kunsthaus

The Kunsthaus in Bregenz, Austria recently opened up an exhibition Art / Architecture that explores the lesser known architectural work of the recently released Ai Weiwei. It’s certainly encouraging to see the Chinese artist continue to exhibit despite his imprisonment as well as him starting to enter social media again (Instagram & Twitter – English translation). Take a look at the video above from Vernissage TV with footage of the exhibition as well as an interview with director of the Kunsthaus Bregenz, Yilmaz Dziewior. Via Hypebeast. Discuss […]

Openings: David Stoupakis & Tom Bagshaw – “Walking Within These Shadows” & “Beautiful Imperfections” @ Corey Helford Gallery

This past weekend, the Corey Helford gallery presented the work of both David Stoupakis and Tom Bagshaw. Titled Walking Within These Shadows, Stoupakis’ exhibit displayed artwork that embraces a dark sensibility mixed with a haunting sense of realism. What’s interesting about his latest show is that he understands how to tell well-developed stories and moments of personal reflections through the use of the canvas. Whether it’s two female characters sitting down in a somber mood or a group of skeleton-like figures moving ahead, the paintings […]