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Contests / Releases: Pedro Matos – “Leaves of Grass”

Pedro Matos, who recently showed at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, has released a print (available here) based on one of the originals from that exhibition. Leaves of Grass is in a signed edition of 50, 24″ x 21″, and costs 90£. Just like with his previous print, Therefore the King, Pedro has graciously decided to give away one of these to one of AM’s readers. All you need to do to qualify for the contest is to leave a comment here and also […]

Preview: Tessar Lo – “The Dying Wishes,” @ Jaski Gallery (Amsterdam)

Coming up at the end of the week, October 22nd, the Jaski Gallery in Amsterdam will be hosting the opening for Tessar Lo’s latest solo exhibition. Building on the body of work Tessar presented in Canada last April, The Dying Wishes, is a collection of painting and small drawings that further explore what look to be the dream-like landscapes of youth and our imaginary animal companions. More preview images after the jump…

Teaser: Slinkachu – “The Big City” @ Kunstverein Ludwigsburg

The last time miniature street photographer Slinkachu had a solo, it was March in London and AM was there to witness it in person. Near the end of this month, October 23rd, the UK-based street artist will be taking what he affectionately calls his “little people” to Ludwigsburg for his first solo ever in Germany at Kunstverein Ludwigsburg. Entitled The Big City, which is actually EVERY city for his tiny sculpts when you think about it, the show will consist of a combination of past work and installations as […]

Beyond Eden 2011 Overview

A couple weekends ago, along with PULSE and Art Platform, Los Angeles hosted another art fair, Beyond Eden, at the LA Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park. This third rendition of the annual event drew over 5000 visitors who witnessed a special special presentation honoring the art and accomplishments of Anthony Ausgang as well as took in the offerings of Thinkspace, La Luz De Jesus, Copro Gallery, T.A.G. Gallery, Gallery Nucleus, and C.A.V.E. Gallery. Also rounding out the attractions, were a show from Cannibal Flower,  […]

Overtime: Oct 10 – Oct 16

Robbie Conal goes on NPR to talk about Occupy Wall Street and other subjects Video: watch Part 3 of Sotheby’s Your Art World documentary series. The WSJ chats with Dean Sobel, the first director of the Clyfford Still Museum. NYTimes on Apple and Job’s product design legacy.  It has 25 products in the MoMA collection. Victor Pinchuk plans to build a new contemporary art space in Kiev. The Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at the National Gallery may be threatened due to strike. Occupy Chicago protests […]
SHOK-1 mural for Rigenerarte Festival in Ravenna, Italy.

Streets: World Roundup Oct 10 – 16

Because the scope of coverage here on AM of street murals & graffiti is steadily expanding, we will be doing a weekly roundup of new work (or work that has not been featured in their own individual articles yet) from around the world. Some of these would have been previously mentioned in our weekly Overtime articles, but since this particular sort of news is so image-based, we will be isolating them out into a separate series for your enjoyment. For our first installment, we focus […]

Openings: Sam Wolfe Connelly – “Semiprecious” @ Spoke Art

Last Saturday evening, Spoke Art hosted Washington DC-based artist Sam Wolf Connelly’s first solo exhibition. The show is entitled Semiprecious, with the works having the narrative of being left behind because of flaws, for something more special and perfect. The significance of the gems in his work represents someone trying to steal back what they’ve lost, but ending up digging themselves in a hole that they cannot get out of (like ending up in a mineshaft and being stuck with nothing but gems and soot). […]
Bemused onlookers as a woman starts screaming at the end of Wednesday's preview

Frieze ’11: Overview

London’s Frieze week kicked off properly on Wednesday 12 October with the preview for Frieze Art Fair in Regent’s Park. AM has long been a Frieze enthusiast. The calibre of its exhibitors and their booths makes most other contemporary art fairs look provincial in comparison. Conscious of the international spotlight, the big fish bring out the big guns and do whatever else they can to retain their dominance, while the ambitious smaller galleries pull out the stops to try raising the bar even higher for […]

Art Focus: Patrick Krzyzanowski

Our Art Focus feature this week is on wrestling enthusiast and painter Patrick Krzyzanowski. The University of Guelph trained artist names this series of works, Smell the Blood, which features detailed depictions of these sports entertainers often in gravity defying and exaggerated poses. One can definitely feel Krzyzanowski’s love for the subject as well as his humor, all rendered surprisingly in watercolors. More images after the jump…

Videos: “Threads: Documentary”

Back in July, Converse & Foot Locker invited four artists to Berlin to work on a project featuring street installations. Expertly curated to include artists who work with similar mediums, the resulting Threads documentary follows Hottea, Moneyless, Spidertag, and Aimee Dymond as they strung, spread, tied, and hung yarn & thread in complex patterns and shapes all in colors of the new Converse Padded Collar.