In the second part of our visit to Steve “ESPO” Powers’ (featured) ICY cool studio, we give you an up close preview of the works in his upcoming colossal show. As noted in our previous overview of ESPO’s Brooklyn laboratories, A Word is Worth A Thousand Pictures at Joshua Liner Gallery will be his first NYC solo over seven years. ESPO and his team of dedicated craftsmen have put together a series of large yet intricate compositions of his iconic signage & graffiti hybrid style. Condensing the signature wit & emotion into a simple yet succinct delivery, his style has reached across generations all around the world. In preparation for this show, Power’s has kept his work ethic in high gear as he focused on numerous aspects of the arduous artistic process. From conceptual birth to the final finishing touches, he got us gassed just keeping pace with him during this visit to where the magic happens.

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