Next week, Steve “ESPO” Powers (featured) will be kicking off art season with a new body of work at Joshua Liner Gallery.  The show entitled A Word is Worth A Thousand Pictures is Power’s first New York solo exhibition in over seven years. The Brooklyn-based artist has been busy the past few years with a number of high profile projects such as Art in the Streets, as well as the Love Letters Project in Philly, Syracuse and Brooklyn.

In Part I of this feature, AM visited ESPO in his downtown Brooklyn studios and caught a glimpse of his giant “ICY Signs” studio space where we reminisced over his decommissioned yet iconic Livingston Street Market installation he created with Todd James aka “REAS”. In part II, we’ll show you Steve and his assistants working on the pieces for this great show. Until then check out an insider’s look at ESPO’s studio.

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