We took the roadtrip down to the City of Brotherly Love to grab a cheesesteak (or two) and experience firsthand Steve Powers’ ambitious public art project entitled “Love Letter.” Powers (as ESPO ICY) and crew got back up on many of the same West Philadelphia rooftops that he used to hit back in the day, to paint dozens of murals on buildings along the Market Street elevated train line between 45th and 63rd streets.Together, the walls form a sentimental dialog between young lovers, but they are also an expression of Powers’ feelings for the city in which he grew up.

Without a doubt, Powers has taken his work and street art in general to a new level and scale, not only transforming one wall or building but a whole neighborhood with his visually stunning and emotionally endearing messages. Hopefully, Love Letter will be around for years to come, enriching the lives of locals and visitors alike.

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