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The Four Seasons and Ron English’s Camo Deer

You may remember out recent Christmas greeting from Ron English (featured) with his Camo Deer from his Status Factory show frolicking in the snow.  Now Mr. Popaganda has upped the ante by equipping it with the proper winter camoflauge as well as doing one for each season – Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Take a look at all four seasons (paintings and sculptural work) after the jump…

Teaser: Josh Keyes – “The Magicians Garden” @ Fecal Face Dot Gallery

Tirelessly sketching, Josh Keyes continues the neverending evolution of his dystopian narrative in preparation for his next solo exhibition, entitled The Magicians Garden, at Fecal Face Dot Gallery in San Francisco. Opening April 7th, Josh recently stated in an interview the new body of work “will showcase imagery that plays on genetic mutations in a post apocalyptic setting”. If the meticulously executed reference drawing above is any indication of what is in store, the show should continue Josh’s uncanny ability to break new conceptual and […]

Teaser: Laura Ball – “Growing Pains” @ David B. Smith Gallery

You may remember back at 2009’s Art Basel in Miami, we became enamored with the work of SF based artist Laura Ball. Well, we are delighted to learn that she will be showing a new body of work entitled “Growing Pains” at the David B. Smith Gallery in Denver alongside Ryan McLennan at the end of the month.  We’ll have more to follow but for now, enjoy this complex animal assemblage painting from the upcoming show.

Openings: Mrzyk & Moriceau – “The Man With The Golden Gun” @ Ratio 3

Last Friday evening, Ratio 3 hosted the opening of the French art duo, Mrzyk & Moriceau’s show: The Man With the Golden Gun (previewed). On display were clusters of their ink drawings, masks, animated video (featuring a woman’s swaying bottom, which eventually becomes exposed and releases diamonds) and wall paintings. This was a really fun exhibition to take your time and inspect each piece to look for commentary, humor and recurring themes. More photos of the opening after the jump…

Preview: Yoshimasa Tsuchiya – “Private Myth” @ Megumi Ogita Gallery

On January 18th, Yoshimasa Tsuchiya’s new body of work will be on display at the Megumi Ogita Gallery in Tokyo. Featuring enchanting and delicate creatures from his imagination, the new collection of wood carvings challenges the viewer to examine their own Private Myth. Tsuchiya states – “I think that mythology is a series of allegorical stories referring the origin of a group of people. Regardless the historical facts, mythologies are always taken over from generation to generation so that we maintain our connections to each […]

Ai Weiwei’s Studio Demolished

Despite his international success as an artist (see Sunflower Seeds), the demolition of Ai Weiwei’s studio by the Chinese government serves as a chilling reminder that there is still a dark side to the Middle Kingdom. Although the arts complex, which can be seen in his upcoming Never Sorry documentary, was cited for not having the proper building permits and is being torn down, it has been suggested this was actually done as a warning to the outspoken dissident and artist. Ironically, it was the […]

Openings: Paul Barnes – “Happy Valley” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Last Saturday night in Culver City, Paul Barnes, opened up his newest show, Happy Valley in the Thinkspace Gallery’s project room. AM stopped by to take a look at his new set of paintings featuring his familiar cast of characters and landscapes all rendered with a soft touch and in a muted palette. More photos after the jump…

Indoors: Ryan McGinness – “Black Holes” @ Phillips de Pury (NYC)

After our NYE stroll on the Highline peeking in on the Black Holes exhibition at Phillips de Pury, we simply need couldn’t get enough of Ryan McGinness’ masterful silkscreens and took another trip back. This time, we headed inside the auction house to enjoy the 24 works in detail. Take a look at this up close and personal look at the magical circular paintings and their unique black light installation environment. Check the magnificent details after the jump.

Openings: Gardar Eide Einarsson – “Power Under Construction” @ Honor Fraser

This past Saturday saw the opening of Gardar Eide Einarsson’s second exhibition with Honor Fraser.  The politically rebellious artist’s show included minimalist black & white artwork using found objects and appropriated imagery.  The main piece of the show consisted of a installation of rubber car tires and casts of sharpened bamboo sticks.  Meant to recreate and recontextualize the makeshift street barricades found in Thailand, the piece references ’60s installations and happenings, such as Allan Kaprow’s Yard. See more of it and the rest of the […]
AM Hajime Sorayama Gering Lopez 01

Openings: Hajime Sorayama – “1970 – 2010″ @ Gering & Lopez Gallery

Gering & Lopez Gallery sure knows how to kickstart the new year by working hard to bring a jaw-dropping exhibition with acclaimed Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama. The show “1970 – 2010″ (teased) is a tremendous display of the “four corners” of Sorayama’s illustrious style that he’s created over the past four decades. We experienced his sexy Robots & Gynoids to iconic figures in Pin Up poses to his sultry Myth & Fantasy femme fatales to his risqué erotic & fetish illustrations. The beauty and raw […]