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Upcoming: Hajime Soriyama @ AISHONANZUKA

The last time we saw a full scale exhibition (covered) from Hajime Soriyama, it was 2011 in New York. This time around, the show featuring 10 selected pieces from his legendary 40 year career will be held at AISHONANZUKA in Hong Kong. Stop by at the opening on September 7th to observe for yourself the Japanese artist’s masterful skills with the airbrush as well as his now famous take on robots and eroticism. Via Hypebeast. Discuss Hajime Soriyama here.

Preview: Copro Gallery 20th Year Anniversary Show

Tonight in Santa Monica, the Copro Gallery with be celebrating their 20 year anniversary with a group exhibition. The long list of artists who will be participating includes Mark Ryden, Robert WIlliams, Big Daddy Roth, Liz Mcgrath, Shag, Sandow Birk, Brian Viveros, Andy Kehoe, Esao Andrews, Chris Mars, Adam Miller, Alexandra Manukyan, Ana Bagayan, Annie Owens, Ausgang, becca, Cathie Bleck, Chet Zar, Chloe Trujillo, Brian Smith, Chris Peters, Chrystal Chan (seen above), Clare Toms, Clark, Craig Larotonda, Dan Quintana, Dave MacDowell, David Molesky, Eric Fortune, Erik […]
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Openings: Tran Nguyen – “A Place Procured From Our Yesteryears” & Jason Wheatley – “Osmosis” @ Roq la Rue

Opening earlier this month, Tran Nguyen’s A Place Procured From Our Yesteryears depicts larger than life women amongst Parisian architecture. The muted tones set the mood while emotion spills from their eyes, suggesting they don’t feel as large as they appear. The diverse use of color in Jason Wheatley’s new works titled Osmosis, leap off the canvas, despite the mostly still-life subject matter. Each piece features some everyday items we might find in our kitchen, with the inclusion of wild life. Appearing in almost every piece, is the […]

Openings: Sean Mahan – “Invisible Threads” @ Thinkspace

Last Saturday, painter Sean Mahan presented new work collectively entitled Invisible Threads in the project room of the Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles. The new series of graphite and acrylic on wood pieces mainly depict portraits of children and their sewing machines, which each evoke a nostalgic feel to them. Take a look at the rest of the show below and stop by for a look yourself before the close date of August 31st. Discuss this show here.

Showing: Kenny Scharf – “Pop Renaissance” @ Honor Fraser

We recently stopped by Honor Fraser in Los Angeles to take in the current showing from Kenny Scharf (interviewed) entitled Pop Renaissance. Split into separate rooms, the two body of works exhibited are well demarcated by both content and space. One room features some newer works inspired by Scharf’s love for the Flintstones while the other section hosted work from when he covered the ceiling of the Palazzo Communale in Italy over a decade ago (the silkscreened canvases were then painted over with his iconic characters at […]

Jeff Soto – “Stormcloudz” Launch

On recent visits to Jeff Soto’s (interviewed) studio in Riverside, California, we have been catching glimpses of the apparel project he was working on. We are happy to announce that the official launch for Stormcloudz has finally happened and for those interested, you can now purchase items online. Soto explains – “A storm cloud can be one of the most beautiful, powerful and sometimes dangerous forces of nature. I think the same can be said of art. It can be beautiful and at the same time it has […]

Scott Campbell & Wife Pose For New York Magazine Article

After finishing a unique and daring project as inspiration for the paintings in his solo in Los Angeles several months ago (covered), Scott Campbell has worked on something closer to home. On the cover of the latest issue of New York Magazine is his wife Lake Bell covered in his art and profiled in an article along with the tattoo artist. For now, Lake won’t be joining Scott with permanent body art as this piece was temporary, although technically she does have a small pea-sized tattoo. […]

Openings: Eric Joyner – “First World Problems” @ Corey Helford Gallery

Over the weekend, painter and donut aficionado Eric Joyner (interviewed) opened his solo show at the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles. First World Problems introduces new paintings featuring his signature retro robots and their fried dessert companions in Joyner’s continuing survey of this strange world. Returning his mechanical friends to the urban setting made for interesting opportunities to depict his unique version of city life. Take a look at more opening photos including a look at some of the sculptural donut renditions he created for the exhibition. Discuss Eric […]

Openings: Luke Chueh – “Random Acts Of Sadness” @ CHG Circa

On Saturday night, Luke Chueh’s (featured) opened his latest solo show, Random Acts Of Sadness, at CHG Circa. The mostly new works featured paintings that placed his familiar animal subjects in humorous yet sad situations as well as pieces that poked fun at his critics with self-deprecatory references. Also on display was a new sculptural piece Jack (seen below), inspired by his classic Jacked painting from 2005. This master copy sold but a limited edition version will be released soon through Pretty In Plastic. Check out more opening photos […]
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Release: Dalek x The Hurley Printing Press

Last month in Huntington Beach, Hurley and the legendary Craig Stecyk III brought together a group of artists to create limited edition designs and screen prints on an etching press. Stecyk along with Jersey Joe, Dalek, Madsteez, Stecyk, Tim Hendricks, and the Hurley Art Department created a series of exclusive graphic tees – each available a week at a time for purchase here. Today is the last day to get some of the ones from Dalek featuring his old school space monkeys so make your move quick […]