The twelfth edition of the Volta Fair in Basel returned to its dome home at Markthalle. As one of the satellite events to the main Art Basel expo (covered – part 1part 2), the fair featured a selection of galleries and artists that included 68 exhibitors from 20 countries worldwide.

Though proudly showing the new and emerging contemporary art names, the venue allowed visitors to also enjoy works by recent Venice Biennale participants or mid-career artists with concurrent or recent major museum solos. We bring your our personal selection of favorites, in no particular order include works by Dustin Yellin (pictured above), Jan van der Ploeg, Alpin Arda Bagcik, Barry McGee, Todd James, Kevin Bourgeois, Tomoko Takagi, Gavin Tremlet, Futaro Mitsuki, and more.

Photo credit by @sashabogojev.
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