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Openings: Todd James – “King of the Wild Frontier” @ Gering & Lopez

Last Thursday night, Todd James (aka REAS) unveiled a new body of works at New York’s Gering & Lopez. Entitled King of the Wild Frontier, this series takes another step forward from his previous showing with the gallery. Separated into two major parts, Todd moves on from his traditional medium of paper and continues his Somali Pirates motif on canvas which brought an impressive new dimension to his work as his colors and line-work popped even more than before. The second portion of the show […]

Showing: Da Mental Vaporz – “Le Venin” @ Rtist Gallery (Melbourne)

Leaving snow storms and presidential elections delirium in France, the French graffiti crew Da Mental Vaporz decided to head down under to Melbourne for a spectacular show at Rtist Gallery. They also recently completed a massive mural (covered here) in the heart of the city. With a brand new series of work by all nine crew members consisting of Bom.k, Blo, Brusk, Dran, Kan, Iso, Gris1, Jaw, Sowat, the Le Venin exhibition contains over a hundred artworks – from screensprints, sketches, photos, mix media paintings, to solo and […]

Preview: Deth P. Sun – “New Works” @ Domy Books

On March 24th, Deth P. Sun will be bringing a new set of paintings featuring his experienced storytelling, cat-creatures, occasional text based work, and more to Houston, Texas. Entitled simply New Works, the new body of work will be shown at Domy Books where fans of the Bay Area-based artist will get to meet him in person. More preview images after the jump…

Openings: Thomas Woodruff – “Four Temperament Variations” @ PPOW Gallery

AM recently attend the opening of Thomas Woodruff’s new show Four Temperament Variations at New York’s PPOW gallery where the former chair at The School of Visual Arts unveiled a new set of paintings to a packed house. Utilizing his talents as a illustrator, educator and curator, Thomas created a coherent body group of works that focused on the Four Temperaments theory created by Hippocrates in 400 BC, where it is believed that everyone’s body and mind are controlled by four mysterious and different fluids […]

Previews: Delia Brown – Last Exit: Punta Junta @ Martha Otero Gallery

Opening tonight at Martha Otero Gallery is a new show by Delia Brown. Entitled Last Exit: Punta Junta, this exhibition is a continuation of her Guerilla Lounging Project where parties are hosted in the luxuriously pimped out playgrounds of the upper class. The difference is that the ones depicted living it up are those of the middle and lower classes. Delia works during these few hours of decadence and fantasy to capture these unique situations with her brush. The show runs until April 14th, so stop by if […]

Steve Gianakos – “New Paintings” @ Fredericks & Freiser

AM recently visited an exhibition before it closed at Fredericks & Freiser in New York featuring new work from Steve Gianakos. Since the 70s, the painter has been known to mix vulgarity with the iconic styles of 1950s children’s books leading to a smirk, shaking of the head, or reddening of the cheeks when viewed by his audiences. This newest show, his fifth with the gallery, is no different with paintings featuring his child characters dealing with sexuality, decapitations, drugs, and worse. More NSFW photos […]

Teaser / Streets: Mark Jenkins – “Living Layers” @ Wunderkammern

On the 17th of March, Wunderkammern in association with MACRO (Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma) will be presenting the first Italian solo exhibition by Mark Jenkins (interviewed), a continuation of the Living Layers project. This comes on the heels of his first solo in Germany (covered) in January and again will feature his skill with urban interventions and the reactions of the viewer to the unexpected. So, if you are on the streets of Rome, keep your eyes peeled for works from the American artist. Another look after […]

Previews: “Dark Pop” @ Last Rites

This Saturday, March 3, in New York, the Last Rites Gallery will be hosting another iteration of their Dark Pop exhibition. The fourth version of the show, which has artists focusing on creating one piece that encompasses what they consider “dark art,” will be curated by Gary Pressman and will feature artists like Alexandra Pacula, Ana Bagayan, Brian Despain, Charles Wish, Dave MacDowell, Mark Garro, Matt Dangler, Matthew Grabelsky, TIN, Travis Lampe, Travis Louie, and more. Check our more preview images after the jump…

Releases / Signing: Mark Ryden – “Pinxit” @ Taschen

Tonight in Los Angeles at Taschen, fans of Mark Ryden will have a chance to check out his newest book in person as well as get it signed by the man himself. The impressive publication, Pinxit, is a comprehensive 366 page survey of Ryden’s 20 year career and is currently available as the Collector’s Edition of 1,000 ($1000). We first saw this fantastic book at the Art Basel Miami release party (here) and came away impressed. Head over to the event tonight (7-9pm) but make sure […]

Openings: “Femme Fatale” @ Cella Gallery

Last weekend in Los Angeles, the Cella Gallery hosted the opening of a group exhibition entitled Femme Fatale. Curated by Nicole Bruckman & Stephanie Chefas, the showing highligted artists who work with the female form in one way or another. Take a look at more photos by Richard Brooks from the opening after the jump…