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Preview: Luke Chueh – “Primrose Path” @ Brett Wesley Gallery

Tonight, February 2nd, Luke Chueh (interviewed) will be bringing a body of work inspired by the seven deadly sins to the Brett Wesley Gallery in Las Vegas for a joint show with Juan Muniz. The collection of paintings will certainly be appropriate for “Sin City,” as is the title of the show Primrose Path, an old idiom coined by Shakespeare to refer to a pleasant path to self-destruction. With such a dark topic, expect Luke to go to town on his poor animals as he explores […]

Preview: Tim Doyle – “UnReal Estate” @ Spoke Art

Tomorrow night (February 2nd) at Spoke Art, Texas-based artist Tim Doyle will be bringing his wares to San Francisco for his first solo show entitled Unreal Estate. Featuring a collection of locations that many of us recognize from our times in front of the loving glow of our television, from the Kwik-E-Mart to the Bluth Banana Stand, Doyle gives us a fresh look at these places we will never visit yet are intimately connected to. As an added bonus, the artist will be in attendance […]

Preview / Setup: Takashi Murakami – “Murakami – Ego” @ Qatar Museum

On February 9th, Qatar Museum will be hosting the opening for Takashi Murakami’s first solo exhibition in the Middle East. Murakami – Ego will feature more than 60 works from 1997 to the present from the renowned Japanese artist, as well as several new works created especially for this show. In particular, one of his most popular series, including Kaikai Kiki Lots of Faces and Pom and Me, will be presented in their entirety for the first time. The title derived from Murakami’s desire to […]

Showing: Colin Christian – “Fast Forward” @ International Museum of Art and Science (Texas)

Last week in Texas, the International Museum of Art and Science hosted a selection of fiberglass and silicone creations from Colin Christian (interviewed). Made up of a series of his signature cyber-erotic sculptures, Fast Forward features a body of work inspired by the Colin’s love for “sci-fi movies, pinup girls, anime, ambient electronic music, and author, H.P. Lovecraft.” More photos after the jump…

Teaser: POW WOW 2012 (Hawaii)

In a couple weeks, the AM crew will be heading over Hawaii to this year’s POW WOW. Curated by Jasper Wong and hosted by Loft In Space / Fresh Cafe in Oahu, the art retreat will feature a extensive lineup of artists painting the surrounding industrial district of Kaka’ako. Along with beautifying the streets, the event will culminate with opening on February 18th featuring original artwork from the participants. In addition, Eugene Kan of Hypebeast has curated a photography exhibition titled Day Job? and Arktip […]

Openings: “The Boneyard Project : Return Trip” @ Pima Art & Space Museum

Last weekend, the outdoor fields and indoor hanger Pima Art and Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona were the venues for the hand-painted vintage planes of The Boneyard Project: Return Trip. While the the DC Super 3 planes painted by How & Nosm, Nunca, and Retna, a C97 cockpit by Saner, a C45 plane by Faile, and a Lockheed VC 140 Jetstar by Andrew Schoultz were already stunning enough as centerpieces of the exhibition, when you include the nose cones, cockpits, and other plane segments painted […]

Preview: Anthony Lister @ New Image Art

Those embedded in the art scene in Los Angeles have no doubt seen Aussie street artist Anthony Lister (interviewed) out and about. You may be wondering what he is doing back in town so soon after painting his Planet of the Apes inspired mural (covered) back in December. Well, for one, he was in town for the New Image Art & The Hole party that coincided with the ALAC Fair where his custom-painted balloon was on display.  And, more importantly, he is currently working on his next […]

Showing: Nicoletta Ceccoli – “Girls Don’t Cry” @ Roq La Rue

While in Seattle, we stopped by the Roq La Rue Gallery to check out the newest solo show from Nicoletta Ceccoli (interviewed). Girls Don’t Cry continues the San Marino-based artist’s series of paintings featuring young girls in precarious fairy-tale like situations, all rendered beautifully in her soft palette and touch. Included were several paintings that might make fans of vegetables consider going back to eating meat… More photos after the jump…

Videos: Andreas Gursky @ Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (Denmark)

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which despite its name is located in Denmark, is currently hosting 40 giant photographs and a number of smaller works created by the world-famous photographer Andreas Gursky. We last saw a large collection of his works back in 2010 in Los Angeles, and certainly recommend seeing in person this retrospective from the genius of large-format photography if you happen to be in the area. If not, take a look at the video above for a taste of what you are […]

Viewpoints / Openings: Olek — “I do not expect to be a mother but I do expect to die alone” @ Tony’s Gallery, London

AM was at Tony’s Gallery in Shoreditch on Thursday to see the first UK solo show by Olek (set-up and teaser photos here). The New York-based artist has been making the most of her extended London visit, transforming the ground floor of the gallery into a domestic setting filled with crocheted furniture and other household items. Everything but the entrance area, the ceiling, and a couple of plants has been given a second skin. The combination of brightly-coloured yarn and Olek’s signature camouflage pattern means […]