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Studio Visit / Preview: Brian Viveros – “Returning Art To The Unclean” @ Last Rites

Recently, AM was fortunate enough to visit the studio of artist Brian M. Viveros. In preparation for his show titled Returning Art To The Unclean opening on September 3rd, the artist has further expands on his signature style which often features extremely sensual women under an aura of pin up style imagery. Working with portraits instead of full body images, Viveros’ style carries a weight of emotion and feeling that’s often hidden underneath the gaze of his female creations. The various influences which he borrows […]

Openings: James Jean REBUS Release & Signing @ LACMA

This past weekend, LACMA celebrated the release of the book, REBUS, by artist James Jean’s (featured). The event began with a discussion in which the LA-based artist went on to explain his background and career as an artist and Giant Robot founder Eric Nakamura (interviewed) was also on hand to expand on James’ work over the years as well as their shared histories. This session was followed by a book signing event in which people lined up and filled the room space to capacity. It […]

Xeme & Sinic – “Kowloon” @ Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Culture Hall (Taiwan)

Just last week, we passed on some photos to our readers of street murals that INSA sent us of work he did while in Hong Kong in conjunction with his show at Above Second (covered). If you remember, on several of these walls he actually collaborated with local graffiti artist Xeme who has become know for his Chinese calligraphic style influenced by the late Hong Kong OG graffiti legend, Tsang Tsou Choi, the so-called King of Kowloon. Well, just this last weekend, Xeme actually closed a […]
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Openings: Cyrcle. – “We Never Die” @ Design Matters

Early last week, we gave you a studio visit with the three-man art collective known as Cyrcle. as they were preparing for the first solo show. Well, this past Thursday, their exhibit debuted over at Design Matters and the event helped the group take a step forward in their development as artists. Although they are mostly known for their street art campaigns which have included wheat paste art and a handful of murals, this solo exhibit helped them take their technique into a whole new […]

Openings: Ken Garduno – “Golden Structure” @ LeBasse Projects – Chinatown

A couple Fridays ago, Ken Garduno presented new body of work at the LeBasse Projects Chinatown location. Named Golden Structure, the exhibition exemplifies the artist’s technique with watered down acrylic paintings and his thematic explorations that revolve around the relationships between men and women. Using jealousy and sexual motifs as the catalyst, Garduno manages to present these troubled and tense relationships in a very unique way which features a combination of 1960’s iconography and a color palette that forces the characters to step out of […]

Streets: Galore Festival (Copenhagen) Part II

A couple weeks ago, AM documented the mural process of Belgium-based street artist ROA as he painted a tower in Copenhagen for the Galore Festival. We can now bring you more photos of other artists who participated including French artist Dran and the entire Da Mental Vaporz crew (who painted a long wall together), and many others like RIPO, Drewk The Pirate, Grito, and Lints. If you remember, Dran held two shows in December at in London as kind of his coming out party. More pics […]

Teaser: Korin Faught – “Voices of the Lake” @ Corey Helford

Next Saturday night in Culver City, Voices of the Lake, a new body of work from Korin Faught, will open at Corey Helford Gallery. The fresh set of paintings from the LA-based artist look to explore the symmetry and different aspects of reflections and are all rendered in her signature vintage style. The first 500 guests who arrive to the exhibition will receive a free mini-giclee from Faught so for those interested, it opens at 7pm on September 3rd. We’ll have something more for you soon, […]

Videos: Cai Guo-Qiang – “1040M Underground” @ Izolyatsia (Ukraine)

Just this past weekend, Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang opened his newest solo show at Izolyatsia, the  new art center in the industrial city of Donetsk, Ukraine. Entitled 1040M Underground, the new body of work was inspired by the explosive artist’s visit to the coal and salt mines (1040 meters below ground) of Ukraine’s industrial Donbas region. As you can see from the footage above from Vernissage TV, the environment of the mines was really captured by all the components of the exhibition. Discuss Cai Guo-Qiang […]

Openings: ROA @ INOPERAbLe (Vienna)

ROA, famed street muralist with a predilection for painting animal dissections, recently landed (although he did manage to get in a pre-emptive strike) in Vienna for a solo show at the INOPERAbLE gallery. The Belgium painter produced a new body of work consisting of small drawings, paintings on found objects, and a large interactive wall piece. As he continues his anatomical explorations, ROA still finds way to try new things and keep things fresh – this time notably with pull down screens as well as […]

Openings: Shepard Fairey – “An Exhibition of Fine Art Prints” @ The Independent

Longtime supporters of Shepard Fairey’s work, ToyRoom Gallery and Outer Edge Studio, hosted his latest show, An Exhibition of Fine Art Prints this past weekend at the Independent in Sand City, CA. The show features an array of works direct from the Obey Giant archives, such as screens on metal, large format prints, a hand painted multiple, a couple of stencil collages. Check out photos of Friday evening’s preview night reception after the jump…