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Showing: Cai Guo-Qiang – “Saraab” @ Arab Museum of Modern Art

A couple weeks ago, we posted up a video of the amazing Black Ceremony fireworks display from Cai Guo-Qiang that signified the explosive start of his exhibition at the Arab Museum of Modern Art (Mathaf) in Qatar. Now, we can show you some photos we gathered of the incredible sculptures, installations, and works for this showing from the Chinese artist including many site-specific commissioned works. Saraab strives to bring attention to the little known historic Silk Road, a trade route between the Asian and Middle East during […]

Teaser: Os Gemeos @ PRISM

Continuing the stellar program at the PRISM Gallery in Los Angeles, the showspace will be hosting a solo show from Os Gemeos early next year. Despite their massive undertaking in October for their museum show at the Museu Vale in Brazil (covered), the twins look ready to start working on filling the architectural space on Sunset with their colorful street-informed paintings and sculptural pieces. And, judging from the image above that they chose for their show card, when the opening on February 25th rolls around – […]

Teaser: Eric Joyner – “It’s A Jungle Out There” @ Corey Helford

It’s been almost a year and a half since Eric Joyner (interviewed) last had a solo show (covered). So, fans of his signature robots and donuts will be happy to hear that his next body of work, entitled It’s A Jungle Out There, will be will be on display at the Corey Helford Gallery starting January 21st. It looks like his robots characters will be encountering some creatures of the great outdoors… Discuss Eric Joyner here.

Showing: Zhang Huan – “Q Confucius” @ Rockbund Museum

After a successful showing back in May at the prestigious Blum & Poe (covered), Zhang Huan has opened an exhibition in his home country at the Rockbund Museum in Shanghai. The versatile Chinese artist, who made his name with performance art, has focused on sculpture, like his show in Los Angeles, with this huge Confucius piece as the centerpiece. Other highlights include a curious array of creations including incense ash paintings, a robotic Confucius with monkey companions, and an termite-infested installation outside. The works all attempted […]

Openings: Paul Wackers – “Of Life” @ Morgan Lehman

On through the end of January at the Morgan Lehman Gallery in New York is a new show from Paul Wackers entitled Of Life. The Brooklyn-based painter has long been a student of 20th century European avant-garde painting and has spent countless hours deciphering and deconstructing the work of artists like Matisse, Braque, and Picasso. Taking what he has learned and reinterpreting it in his own style, Wackers applies his creative output in this new body of work toward interiors while maintaining his bold palette, […]

Showing: Patrick Martinez – “Reel Tawlk” @ Loft In Space

Earlier this month, our friends at Loft in Space featured the paintings and fabricated neon work of Patrick Martinez in a solo show entitled Reel Tawlk. The show focuses on the current state of affairs in America – for example Blue Without Green neon piece draws from the current “Occupy Movement” and speaks towards the sentiment of “melancholy without money.” More photos of the opening in Hawaii from Brandon Shigeta after the jump…

James Jarvis @ The Standard (New York)

Last month, we mentioned that James Jarvis (interviewed) would be signing his new book, De Profundis, at The Standard Shop in New York. Now we have some photos of the site-specific painting the British illustrator created on the shop’s windows as well as some of the works he produced for the showing. More after the jump…
Scope Miami Corey Helford Gallery AM 01

Basel Week Miami ’11: Corey Helford Gallery @ Scope

Another booth we took time to enjoy at Scope art fair was Los Angeles’ Corey Helford Gallery. Their enormous booth showcased a spectrum of artwork their diverse and interesting roster. We were shown fresh works from Ron English, Ray Ceasar, D*Face, Nick Walker, RISK, HUSH, Silvia Ji, Amy Sol, Meggs, just to name a few. CHG took full advantage of the Basel Week traffic to spotlight the coming year for the audiences that stopped by this packed booth. More after the jump.

Showing: Jonathan Yeo – “You’re Only Young Twice” @ Lazarides

Earlier this month, Lazarides hosted the opening of Jonathan Yeo’s solo exhibition You’re Only Young Twice. The new paintings focused on the phenomena of plastic surgery with imagery of patients being marked preoperatively, scenes from the operation, as well as before and after comparison shots. Rendered beautifully in photorealistic and abstract techniques, the new body of work once again shows off the technical skills as well as wit of the British artist. Rounding out the showing at Rathbone Place were some of his older work […]
smarthype_swoon - 01

Showing: Swoon – “Murmuration” @ Black Rat Projects

Earlier this month, Swoon’s (interviewed) first London solo exhibition opened up at the Black Rat Projects. She has spent three long weeks transforming the gallery space with sculptural paper installations that she collectively entitled Mumuration. The project utilized imagery from much of her previous work including her Art in the Streets install at the MOCA, Thalassa at the NOMA, Anthropocene Extinction at the Boston (ICA). More photos after the jump via Smart Hype.