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Showing: “13th Hour III” @ Last Rites Gallery

After tipping you off to two holiday-appropriate shows (Neckface in LA and Phantasmagoria in Montreal), we have one last one for you – the “13th Hour III” group show at the Last Rites Gallery. With great curatorial direction, the group of artists chosen all are mostly known for darker and bizarre imagery, leading to a great series of paintings of eerie creatures and creepy situations. Some selections after the jump…

Showing: “Phantasmagoria” @ Yves Laroche

What better way to kick off your Halloween festivities than with this group show at Yves Laroche in Montreal. “Phantasmagoria” reunites the creative minds of Chet Zar, Travis Louie (interviewed), Kathie Olivas, and Brandt Peter (interviewed) for this creepy theme show. Attendees can look forward to Chet’s nightmarish characters, Travis’ strange creatures, and Kathie / Brandt’s misfits to perhaps give them some costume ideas. More preview images after the jump…

Happy Halloween from Ana Bagayan

For those of you who follow Ana Bagayan’s (interviewed) work, you may be used to something a little more cheerful than this new series of drawings. Inspired by the Halloween spirit, Ana seems to have found a theme for these pieces that will be part of her solo show at FB69 Gallery next February in Germany. Take a look are more creepy samples after the jump…

Openings: Ryan McGinley – “Life Adjustment Center” @ Ratio 3

With Ratio 3 playing host, Bay Area residents came out en masse to catch a glimpse of phenom photographer Ryan McGinley’s newest body of work last night. Famously known as the youngest artist ever to have a solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Life Adjustment Center (previewed) showcases in perfect detail the reasons for such an honor. Technical prowess, imaginative shot composing and a flair for the dramatic all work in concert to engage and entice the viewer, both in subdued monochromatics […]

Showing: Anish Kapoor – “Turning the World Upside Down” @ Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens in London is currently the setting for “Turning the World Upside Down”, Anish Kapoor’s newest exhibition of his largescale mirror sculptures. Organized by the Royal Parks and Serpentine Gallery, the new locale for the renowned Indian artist’s most recent works certainly provides a stunning contrast especially when reflected in the shiny surfaces. The four sculptures will be in residence for six months amongst the trees, grass, and ponds and will feature around the clock security. More pics after the jump…

Preview: Neck Face – “Into Darkness” @ OHWOW (LA)

With violent imagery and crude commentary, all wrapped up in a huge ball of satire, Neck Face will be triggering our collective fears with his newest solo exhibition, Into Darkness (teased). Opening on Halloween Sunday, the street artist has brought together an impressive collection of gouche and watercolor drawings, acrylic and enamel paintings and mixed media sculptures to OHWOW’s Hollywood pop-up gallery. A full-scale haunted house and skate demo will nicely round out the presentation for attendees, bringing the experiences into the fourth-dimension. If last […]

Interview: Josh Keyes – “Collision” @ David B. Smith Gallery

The autumn art season has gone into full swing, and one of AM’s most eagerly anticipated exhibitions of 2010 is now just around the corner. Josh Keyes’ “Collision” opens at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver on November 5th. Fill in your diaries, book your flights and do whatever you can to catch this show. We’ve brought you some teaser shots in the run up to this exhibition, including a glimpse at this piece above entitled “Sowers” partially unveiled in Josh’s studio. “Sowers” is Josh’s […]

Openings: El Mac & Damon Soule – “The Humble and Sublime” & “Tessellating Pigments” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

We are a little late with this but we stopped by the Joshua Liner Gallery a couple weeks ago to check out the joint show from Mac and Damon Soule. You may remember the pictures we posted of the street piece Mac gifted New York with while he was in town, but equally impressive were the large paintings he bought for the galllery entitled “The Humble and Sublime”, all inspired by the people he encounters on his travels. Not only does his signature patterned technique […]

Teasers: Takashi Murakami @ Gagosian (Rome)

It seems that many great artists we know are in a constant state of work and improvement when it comes to their craft. After a exhibition at the Chateau de Versailles in France, it appears that Superflat master Takashi Murakami is already diving deep into work (shirt off of course) in preparation for his November 13th show at the Gagosian in Rome. This “red mutation” of his Dragon in Clouds is looking most psychedelic! Image via Contemporary Standard. Discuss Murakami here
Momo decorated the front of the studio.

Studio Visits / Preview: Faile – “Bedtime Stories” @ Perry Rubenstein Gallery Part 1

2010 looked to be a light year for the Brooklyn collective known as Faile (featured). Initially it was just a simple show at a “little gallery” known as Gagosian. Then in Feburary, a hand crafted arcade experience popped up in London. By Spring they created a new arcade show in NYC. Summer brought them to PortugalArte ‘10 where they installed an iconic “temple” in vintage Faile fashion. Between all that, they somehow found time to put together a book and hold a popup shop in the […]