After an afternoon of artists alternating between sketching for attendees or working on the collaborative “Art Jam” piece, everyone headed down for the “Beyond Baby Tattooville” show at the Riverside Art Museum. We had previously previewed the show, but there was a new additional piece from each featured artist for sale at this exhibition.

See a video of these new pieces & photos from the show after the jump.

Here is Tim Biskup with a mysterious injury that happened overnight.  There was a nice turnout to the exclusive preview where the new pieces were sold as well as when the doors opened to the general public.  You can see Shag with Billy Shire with their contrasting styles pictured together.

Here are Lee Tusman (Adult Education Curator) and Daniel Foster (Executive Director) of the Riverside Art Museum posing with Shag next to his “Heaven, Earth, and Hell” triptych.

Here is a little video of the new work that was for sale.

Enjoy the rest the pics in the gallery below.

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