After a quick round of mingling and refreshments, the participants of Baby Tattooville were invited to the heart of the Jeff Soto factory.  Once there, the attendees were treated to a “preview” of Jeff’s upcoming solo show “Turning in Circles” at the Riverside Art Museum in December (previously teased). With over 15 “in progress” paintings to delight our eyes, AM was astounded to find out that Jeff is only PARTIALLY done with his plans for the upcoming show. He has a gigantic installation planned and will also look to complete up to 20-25 more paintings.  (look for a more detailed preview of the show here as we get closer to the December 13th opening)

The special attendees were also treated to a delicious gourmet spread hand created by executive chef Fred Eric of Los Angeles’ Tiara Cafe. Also at Jeff’s studio, the official unveiling of the “Art Jam” canvas occurred (large collaboration painting between all the artists)… We’ll have the complete process in a little bit…

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