Rumors about a upcoming Banksy NYC show had slowed down the past few days… that was until Banksy dropped a bomb on us and updated his Web site announcing a “pop up” store in Greenwich Village. The store, which actually opened a few days ago, according to Wooster Collective, is called “The village pet store and charcoal grill“. The store contains no paintings or prints, but instead animatronic installations of strange and wonderful animals, the likes of which only Banksy could imagine.

In addition, our friend Ray has photographed several more buildings which appear to be painted with Banksy’s signature rats. If you look closely, one of the rats on the building is trying to paint over a date and time: “…day 8pm” and “ber 1st”. Sort of vague, but with only November and December left in this year, one can speculate that this could be the “Banksy NYC show” clue that we have been looking for. AM will keep you posted as more clues get revealed.

More pics after jump.

Some pics of the Banksy “pop up” store. More details in gallery below.

The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill
89 Seventh Ave South
Greenwich Village, New York
Open 10am – 12am daily until October 31st.

Thanks to Ray for coming through with the awesome images!

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