If you are lucky enough to be in the UK and haven’t stopped by to see Yoshitomo Nara’s show at the Baltic, this is the last weekend. He teamed up with Hideki Toyoshima (one of the founding members of graf) to build three cross-shaped houses called the “A to Z Project” for the exhibit. It would be so satisfying to be able to walk slowly through this exhibit and explore all the nooks and crannies … hopefully AM will be able to experience something similar when Nara comes to New York next spring.

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Hideki states:

“When you were a little kid, you would always find somewhere for you and your friends to hide. It could be in a tree house or some secret garden that only you knew about. This creation is like a hide-away for us, a little place that belongs to us and preserves our childhood.”

And … Nara simply says:

“In A-Z, I have tried to make my own house.”

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Toyshima quote via narcmedia.
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