Last night’s show “The Drawing Room” (previewed) at Thinkspace opened with a tremendous showing by art fans. The long line snaked outside from the beginning to end with the gallery packed to maximum capacity. Not only were the fans there to see Audrey Kawasaki (curator) & her work, they were there for the many other talented artists that participated in the show.

Photos after the jump.

In the front of the gallery, Audrey set up an installation simulating how her “drawing room” is at home. She told us that she brought so many props and furniture from home that she could have just “moved in” and started painting – that’s how close it was to the real thing. What was really interesting were the painting & drawings seen there that were still in progress. Unfortunately, none of them were for sale but gave us an interesting glimpse into the future. We particularly liked the piece seen below with the wings in her hair.

Another interesting piece was the collaboration piece that Audrey did with Stella Im Hultberg (seen below). It turned out beautifully and we can only hope there will be more collaborations in the future.

Please check out more work from Audrey as well as the other artists in the gallery below. Also for a more complete list, check out the preview page here … please contact Thinkspace if you are interested.

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