Scott Belcastro’s newest display of work will be shown on November 8th at the Cerasoli:Lebasse gallery as part of a two-person show with Nate Frizzell (previewed). He gave us a little insight on the show.

“The theme of the show is based on the idea of being lost in the thicket or the forest….while searching for a home for your beliefs or feelings. I like the fact that I can bring someone into my feelings and they can look around for awhile, it’s not easy to do….”

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“The background was done using my hands so there are finger prints that show up now and then…..which I wanted to do to show how much of me is in the work that you can’t normally see….in a physical way.”

8530-B Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
310 558 0911

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