POW’s day one of their highly anticipated Open Day event kicked off yesterday to the delight of collectors. As expected, street art fans arrived in droves, with reports of lines exceeding three hours.  Rights to purchase were determined by lottery with the first winner getting the special Nola (with different blue-green rain) and the second prize being a free Banksy “Very little helps” TESCO print.  The other other winners got an option to buy the print (edition of 299, £350 ) – we can assume with a little math that there will be none left for an online release. We believe there were two other raffles for the Micallefs (£500 editions of 150) with first prize being a free print.  Also, other goodies were for sale – photos of some of these and the festivities after the jump.

“Very little helps” Stencil

“Very little helps” Print

Security guards with “POLITE” vests LOL.

Siging times.

Set of six Santa’s Ghetto (Bethlehem) prints (edition 15) £20K.

Banksy stencil.

Nola image via “>unusualimage.
All other photos courtesy of Eddiedangerous.
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