What’s the use of beautiful art today if the future generations have no context or appreciation of it? Well, the Waterloo Regional Children’s Museum in Ontario, Canada is bringing today’s classics to view for the next generation of art enthusiasts. The exhibit include many original iconic works of Andy Warhol, and the aim of the exhibit is to expose the renowned contemporary artist to their young visitors.

This is truly a wonderful step to bridge the art gap between different generations and we hope to see more exhibitions for other Contemporary Masters in other children’s museums around the world. The exhibition runs from Jan 10th – April 19th.

More details on the exhibition after the jump.

There will be 4 major parts of this exhibition with something for everyone.
I) Many iconic originals including: Marilyn Monroe, Campbell Soup Cans, and Mick Jagger will be on display next to other famous works by other artists whom attribute Warhol as the inspiration for the piece.
II) “Velvet Years” collection will be on display. (On loan from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.)
III) Silk Screen Studio – Here children can learn and see the print making process which made Warhol’s “factory” so prolific.
IV) A refashion of Warhol’s studio space as if he was still alive and creating.

Via Artdaily