Los Angeles – lock your doors, close the blinds, and call your mom for comfort because Thinkspace is being overrun with pieces from more than 40 Brooklyn-based artists for the highly anticipated “From the Streets of Brooklyn” show curated by Ad Hoc Art which opens on January 9th @ 7pm.

This epic event samples the gamut of Brooklyn street and graffiti artists: Abe Lincoln Jr., Acne, AIKO, AnerA, Avoid Pi, avone, Bast, c.damage, Celso, Chris Stain, Dain, Dan Witz, Dark Clouds, Elbow-Toe, ELC, Faro, Graffiti Research Lab, infinity, jm rizzi, Josh MacPhee, Juse One, Kuma, Matt Siren, Maya Hayuk, Michael DeFeo, MOMO, Peru Ana Ana Peru, Peripheral Media Projects, Rate, Robots Will Kill, Royce Bannon, Skewville, Slept, Sometimes, Sonet, Stikman, Swoon, Thundercut, UFO, and Unplate.

The show will also feature gallery installations from Imminent Disaster, Gaia, and Rachel Lowing, a photo collage install from Luna Park, and chalk artist Ellis G. will be hitting up the streets around the gallery.

AM stopped by the gallery to get a sneak peek at some of the pieces from this historic exhibition. Check them out after the jump.

A peek at one of the wall panels from Imminent Disaster

One of the wall panels from Imminent Disaster

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Scanned images courtesy of Sour Harvest.