A crispy new Banksy just popped up in Gillett Square (Hackney, UK). It seems that the recent “hammering” which the urban art market took in this week’s auctions (covered) have clearly not affected Banksy’s approach at all. It goes to show that his meteoric rise in popularity the past few years have not gotten to his head. His unique perspective on our world today are not driven by speculators or gallerists. Whether the art market is up or down, Sir Banksy reminds us that why his works belongs on the streets and not inside auction houses.

Update: Another probable Banksy piece has been spotted in London at the A1 North junction just before the M1 (seen below).

More images of both after the jump


Pics of “ghetto blaster” via our friend Ian of wallkandy
Pics of “last graffiti” via Zippy from the Banksy Forum.
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