The vaults under Waterloo Station have been taken over by artistic director Kevin Spacey and his team from the Old Vic Theatre for their latest venture: Tunnel 228. A very cool “pop up” art show and theatre experience that seems to have come out of nowhere. Via a mysterious website which poses as a legit business, people can get free tickets to the event via a hidden link that allows the visitor to participate in the project.

The show includes work by ATMA, Mark Jenkins, Antony Micallef, Slinkachu, Polly Morgan, Vhils, Xenz & Busk. If you can get along we would highly recommend it. It is moving, frightening, and memorable.

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The installation kicked off on May 8th (currently out of tickets, but keep checking the website) and will run for 15 days in a spectacle inspired by Fritz Lang’s 1927 sci-fi film Metropolis. As in the movie, visitors will be divided into the planners and the thinkers who live above ground and the underclass who live in the vaults, labouring to sustain the lives of their betters.

Written and shot by our friend Romanywg.