In our last article, AM showed you some great pictures of Banksy’s latest show in Bristol from the special preview night. Sir Banksy demonstrated that he could create a show that seamlessly weaved his witty street-cred with the pompous realm of high-society. Considering the limited time we had to enjoy the show, we went back on opening day to bring you a closer look at the mock-up of Banksy’s actual studio. Read on after the jump…

This indoor success shouldn’t surprise fans who know why Banksy is called the Bristol Bomber. Considering how guarded his identity is, it really is a special treat to see the the inspiration and stencils behind some of street art’s greatest pieces. From Queen Vic to Girl with Red Balloon to Kissing Coppers to Barcode these simple, yet timeless stencils are the cornerstone tools that have allowed Banksy to climb in and out of public wall spaces with quickness but still leave a lasting impression on the populous.

Photos by s.butterfly (AMUK).
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