AM stopped by Zevs’ “Liquidated Logos” exhibition at the Art Statements Gallery in Hong Kong to bring you an exclusive first look at this wild show. The French street artist known for “flipping the script” on world renowned brands such as Coca-Cola and Chanel, broadened his scope to include fashion icon Louis Vuitton. Using his trademark technique of “liquidation,” Zev showed the trendy residents of Hong Kong his reinterpretation of Murakami x Louis Vuitton’s famous “multi colore” pattern among one of many iconic logos he has “liquidated”.

It seems fitting that the gallery is located in the very fashion conscious “Central” shopping district as Zev could easily share his “urban tastes” with the high end shops in the area. So easy in fact, Zev got hauled off by the local authorities for “vandalism” after being reported by the local hipsters (reported). Check out all the pics from the show after the jump.

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