SHAG (interviewed) will be invading the one and only Disneyland this August 9th (10am – 1pm) for a special meet, greet, and signing to celebrate the release of his “Haunted Mansion” inspired artwork and limited edition products created in commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Represented in the artwork are some of the Mansion’s most beloved scenes, including the Stretching Portraits, the Ballroom, the Seance Room, the Attic, Graveyard, among others. Find out more about this and the special products planned for this event after the jump.

SHAG has painted four original paintings inspired by the Enchanted Tiki Room and these will be on view and available for this special event.  Other SHAG-designed merchandise (much of it being extremely limited edition) will be released during the special event as well including: a special Aloha Shirt, a limited Tiki Mug, a Tiki Goblet, a Grog Mug (who doesn’t need a new grog mug?!?!), a Handbag, a Neck charm, a Notecard Set, a T-shirt, a Puzzle and anything else they can cook up it seems – definitely something for everyone at this event.  Word is you will be able to purchase all the above mentioned limited edition merchandise at the Disney Shop in Disneyland park and the signing event will take place at the Main Street Cinema in Disneyland park.

Important Note:
Guests attending the special Cocktail Reception on Saturday, August 8th will have the first opportunity to purchase these special products and the original paintings. Remaining quantities will be released as part of the product release on August 9th.

Watch AM as we get closer to the event for additional details, including more about the special cocktail reception…

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