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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Releases: Blaine Fontana – “Nestkeepers”

Blaine Fontana has released a set of 30 different customized sculptures for sale through his webstore.  Priced at $800, these “Nestkeepers” are hand painted and based off the same sculpt.  See the rest of them after the jump…

Preview: Sylvia Ji – “Nectar” @ StolenSpace

Recently we teased you with a shot from Sylvia Ji’s (interviewed) studio for her upcoming show “Nectar” at StolenSpace. Now, we bring you a closer look as her UK debut on September 3rd draws near. As the title of the show implies, “Nectar” focuses more on the sublime expressions of lust and love. The color palette seems lighter and will use more gold leaf detailing much like the Baroque-style artwork that we observed from her last show – Haute Epoch. If you’re in London, be sure to stop […]

Video: Aya Takano Documentary

We recently saw this short documentary on one of our favorite Japanese artists, Aya Takano.  She discusses her early influences including her childhood readings, the encouragement of Takashi Murakami, Yayoi Kusama, and the um… orgasm of science fiction.  She also discusses the different reactions to her work, often depicting playful and subtly erotic young girls. Part 2 after the jump…

Teaser: Amy Sol @ Copro Gallery

Amy Sol (interviewed) sent us a first look at her upcoming show at Copro Gallery in November.  It’s been a while since we have seen a solo from Amy (last December at Mondo Bizzarro Gallery), and even that one was a break from her usual wood pieces.  That’s why we are especially looking forward to this new body of work.  The Las Vegas-based artist tells us that she will have be focusing on her love for the desert and will explore this particular theme in […]

Video: “Pixo” Documentary about Pixacao

Recently, we saw another video about Pixacao, the distinctive form of graffiti found in Sao Paulo, Brazil that we first mentioned here. The video includes more extracts from Joao Weiner and Roberto Oliveira’s documentary “Pixo,” presented last year at The Cartier Foundation in Paris for the “Ne dans la rue” or “Born in the streets” exhibit. Check out the awesome footage (Portuguese or French optional) of the extents these free-climbing “artists” go to to get their work up. Via Upperplayground.

Openings: Parra – “I like the tee shirt but I will get the painting” @ Pool Gallery

Recently, we saw some nice images from Dutch artist Parra’s exhibition at Pool Gallery in Berlin.  He is definitely a man of many talents as he’s also involved with graphic design, illustration, art directing, and various fashion ventures.  Anyone who has been to Amsterdam will have definitely seen his work around.  For this show, “I like the tee shirt but I will get the painting,” Parra showcases new prints, paintings, and sculpture. There are more images from the show after the jump, but also make […]

Preview: Dan May – “The Nature of Things to Come” @ Copro Gallery

After his last successful solo show at Copro Gallery in February, Dan May (interviewed) is back again with a mini show entitled “The Nature of Things to Come.” Opening on September 5th, Dan will be exhibiting along with Matt Dangler (interviewed) and Noferin. May is someone that we have been following for a very long time, and it’s always nice to see artists mature and come into their own. As seen in our favorite piece from the show “The Persuasion of Penelope” (above), his narrative […]

Openings: Sea No Evil Charity Art Show 2009

Last night, things got hot in the IE with a jam packed show in Riverside benefiting the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. “Sea No Evil” (previewed) featured a even stronger lineup of artists this year contributing originals and prints to the charity for auction. With the price set low on each piece, most collectors walked away with bargains as well as a nice tax deduction. With DJ Diabetic (Shepard Fairey) on the ones and twos and a speech by Paul Watson (founder of Sea Sheperd and […]

Teaser: New Joe Sorren Bronze Sculpture

Joe Sorren fans must be salivating right now as a glimpse of a new sculpture has been released. This will the first editioned release of a bronze from Sorren in long while, with the last being Corrina (seen after the jump). Set for an editon of ten, this won’t be cheap, but it will make some lucky collectors out there very happy. Release details follow next week.

Live Drawing: Baseman, English, Horvath, and Ledbetter @ STGCC

Gary Baseman, Ron English, David Horvath, and Joe Ledbetter gathered together for a special live-drawing event during STGCC (Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention).  These are all artists we follow here at AM, but are recognized as toy designers in this setting, so fans were out in full force to watch them draw and reprise some of their favorite characters. More images after the jump…