What would you do if you had the money to get one of Jeff Koons’ famous “Diamond” sculptures? Where would you place it to get the most out of your new found bling? On the roof of your luxury penthouse? Apparently that’s exactly what hedge-fund mogul Richard Perry did.

After buying the sculpture for 2.3 million dollars in 2005, he installed his flashy green diamond on the roof using a crane in 2007. That’s when the complaints started coming in. The 5ft tall (size of a buffalo) stainless steel metallic sculpture apparently reflected the sun into “laser beam” rays into the surrounding neighbors’ windows. The diamond has since been adjusted and angled in an effort to be more conscious of nearby residents. Another neighbor have also commented “I think it’s as ugly as it comes.” Are the neighbors just green with envy or is just bad taste to flash your bling on your roof like a Christmas tree?

Via NY Post
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