Last night, AM visited Perry Rubenstein gallery for their 5 year anniversary show – “The Law of Fives.” This group show featured the works of FAILE (which we will focus on), but the exhibition also includes Zilla Leutenegger, Teresa Margolles, Robin Rhode and Richard Woods.

Faile created an impressive installation utilizing their signature “Boxes” to go along with the 4 other featured artists. But, the exclusive stuff was behind the scenes where our friend Rob from The Most Beautifullest Thing got a little sneak peak at some future works from the Faile. By the looks of it, they are going in a new direction with what can be described as a “wood puzzle,” comprised of many different blocks/panels of wood.  We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us at their upcoming solo show in 2010.

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Pictures courtesy of The Most Beautifullest Thing and Joe Russo (AM-NY).
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