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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Preview: Mel Kadel – “Echo Test” @ Fecal Face Gallery

Mel Kadel, who amazes us with the art she can create with just pens, is opening up a show on Sept 10th (7-10pm) at the Fecal Face Gallery. “Echo Test” will be her first solo show in the Bay Area which will feature her signature colorful and patterned “quilted” backgrounds along with her characters struggling, pushing, straining across her landscapes and against each other. There will also be 100 signed and numbered copies of “Stop That Dreaming,” by Los Angeles band ((Sounder)) with original cover-art […]

Openings: Date Farmers – “Strange Fruit” @ Fifty24SF

Growing up outside Los Angeles, we would find ourselves, once every couple years or so, visiting historic downtown.  Whether checking out the Bradbury building, Union Station or Chinatown, we always made sure to take a stroll down the birthplace of the City of Angels, Olvera Street.  Centered around a traditional Mexican style plaza, Olvera Street is a historic hub and insight to Mexicano culture.  Featuring colorful dresses, bollero musicians, Oaxacan altars, churro carts, Sacred Hearts and bootleg Mickey Mouse shirts, the energy and spirit of […]

Studio Visits/Preview: Eric White – “LP” @ Sloan Fine Art

Last week, AM had the opportunity to drop by Eric White’s Brooklyn studio, and got a sneak peak of his space and some of the work for his upcoming exhibit “LP,” opening at Sloan Fine Art Sept. 12. As the title implies, the show will consist of White’s interpretations of classic album covers—more specifically, those from before 1983, the year when he got his first CD player. At first glance, the 12″ paintings often look exactly like record sleeves from Fleetwood Mac, Talking Heads, Pink […]

Fame Festival: Slinkachu

When we heard Slinkachu (street photographer and sculptor we first covered here) was included in this year’s lineup for FAME Festival, we were wondering how he would fit in with all the big murals that other artists were putting up all over the city. Apparently, he decided to go “big” as well in the form of the largest piece he has ever one. Looks like he put up this “laundry line” piece in one of the many alleyways of Grottaglie. Closer looks after the jump.

Venue Change: Philip Lumbang – “Hug Life” (Warehouse Pop-Up Show)

One thing that’s constant in life is that most things are not constant. That’s what Philip Lumbang just shared with us. Just after we previewed Phil’s upcoming pop-up show last week, the Los Angeles Fire Marshall made a pop-up visit of his own to the remote warehouse location of the “would-be” show and decided to revoke the permits necessary for the event to occur. No worries, the show is definitely still happening on Saturday, September 12th as Phil pulled his back-up card and relocated to an even snazzier location. The […]

Teaser: Robert Williams – “Conceptual Realism in the Service of the Hypothetical”

New Yorkers are in for a treat as the godfather of the Low Brow Movement, Robert Williams, is resurfacing for a rare solo show at the prestigious Tony Shafrazi Gallery at the end of October. It sounds like there will be 25 new paintings as well as a catalog accompanying the exhibition which will continue on in 2010 to other galleries throughout the country (Cal State Northridge confirmed for Feb-April). More info to follow later, but for now, check out the artist statement after the […]

Video: The London Police – “Brothers in Arms” Preview

AM stopped by Carmichael Gallery on Friday to check in on Chaz and Bob (The London Police) and their newest show “Brothers in Arms” (teased). We were surprise to see them handcuffed together as they went about finishing up their paintings and setting up their show (some of their best work to date by the way).  Suffice it to say that it will make it interesting in the days leading up to the opening next Thursday night.  We’ll have more on our little visit later […]

Preview/Video: Edwin Ushiro – “Softly Encompassing the Womb” @ LeBasse Projects

Edwin Ushiro is making his bid for collectors to take notice on a jam-packed week of art coming up. With big shows almost everyday starting on Wednesday, an artist really has to bring his “A game” to get some love this week. Luckily, judging from what we have seen and by the trailer video by Modus Films for “Softly Encompassing the Womb,” Ushiro has done just that. With his unique blend of Hawaiian and Japanese aesthetics, his vibrant paintings are a breath of fresh air […]

FAME Festival: JR, Judith Supine, Ericailcane, Sam3

Things have been busy over at FAME Festival since we last gave a report (see our coverage here). Ericailcane has finished up a new mural, Judith Supine has put up his first piece, and JR and Sam3 have created some fantastic new prints (see JR’s above). Fans of the French artist may recall the original piece from the “Self Portraits” show at Circle Culture (previewed and covered). Take a look at the new work from Judith, Ericailcane and Sam3 after the jump.

Streets: Blu in Milan

Looks like Italian street artist Blu has struck again, this time in Milan. It was only just recently that we saw him working in Grottaglie (here, here, and here) on his part for the FAME Festival this year. He apparently also had time to get this huge mural up giving bicylists a little chance for payback as you see them crush cars in their path. More images after the jump.