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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Openings: Ryan McGinley – “Moonmilk” @ Alison Jacques Gallery

The anticipation that has been built up over the past few months by Ryan McGinley, starting with his few teaser pieces at Art Basel, has finally culminated in the opening of his first solo show in over a year. Arguably the best photographer of his generation and one of the freshest talents today, McGinley debuted a exhibition of 24 new photographs ranging in size from the manageable 9″x14″ to the spectacularly impressive 110″x72″. More photos from opening night after the jump…

Screenings: “New Brow – Contemporary Underground Art ” @ Shooting Gallery

Following a successful showing in Austin (here), New Brow: Contemporary Underground Art will be returning to San Francisco for another showing, this time following Kevin E. Taylor and Erik Otto’s “Terrestrial Syndrome” show at Shooting Gallery.  Featuring many of the artists, collectors and curators behind the pop-surrealist/low-brow/street-art scenes, New Brow will be showing at the Other Cinema on Sept. 12th at 8:30 PM, see you there! Trailers after the jump.

Preview: Evan Hecox – “The Last Thousand Years” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

This is a show that we’ve been waiting patiently for. Evan Hecox is finally visiting New York and taking over the entire Joshua Liner Gallery. Only Tomokazu Matsuyama (covered) and AIKO (covered) has been bold enough to create a large enough body of work which utilizes the entire gallery space. Known for eye-catching urban landscapes of various locales around the world, Evan has a knack for bringing even the most mundane places to life. For his first solo with the gallery, Evan’s focus will be of […]

Teaser: Shepard Fairey “Supply & Demand” @ Warhol Museum

A few weeks ago, the Boston ICA closed it’s doors on the record breaking “Supply & Demand” retrospective (covered) for Shepard Fairey. In case you missed the announcement here on AM, there still will be 2 more stops for this amazing show – first at the Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh) and then at the Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art (Cincinnati). So, the next stop is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – the home town of Andy Warhol and at none other than the Warhol Museum. In preparation […]

Teaser: Adam Neate – “A New Understanding” @ Elms Lester

As AM turns its eyes to October, one of the shows that stands out is Adam Neate’s new solo at Elms Lester. Following the fantastic Dalek & Delta show this month is “A New Understanding,” a body of work that Neate has been working on for 2 years. There has been news here and there from the cardboard street specialist, but we are really looking forward to seeing what Neate has to offer because in his own words “this body of work has changed totally […]

Preview/Video: I Am Dain – A Followup

Brooklynite Gallery recently released a second mockumentary on NYC street artist DAIN via their Brooklynite TV. Dain’s latest show, “Copacetic” opens this Saturday at the Brooklyn hot spot.  While last month’s Ben Frost show featured the legendary DJ Kool Herc, this month Brooklynite is taking it way back with a 10 piece orchestra.  For those of you unable to attend, the opening will be streamed live on Brooklynite TV. Part one of the video for those who missed it the first time.  After the jump….

Openings: “Neighborhoods SF” @ 111 Minna

This past Labor Day Weekend, a couple friends from out of town visited AM here in SF.  As it was their first time in the city (and on the West Coast!), they wanted to get acquainted with the true San Francisco experience; from the head shops on Haight to the seedy underbelly of the Tenderloin.  Well, with gas prices climbing back up, we opted for the easier SF tour – we visited the “Neighborhoods” show that opened this past weekend at 111 Minna (previewed). More […]

Highlights: Recommended Openings For September 10-16

Jonathan LeVine Gallery in the Chelsea district of NYC kicks off the new art season with an important show this Saturday featuring new solo exhibitions from the UK’s notorious D*Face (interviewed) as well as the highly respected Mark Dean Veca (interviewed). If you are in the Big Apple this weekend, do not miss this show, as you will be laughed at by your friends if you do. Trust AM. So much to chase after this month, with amazing shows everywhere you look. Your eye candy guide […]

Openings: Luke Chueh – “Inferno” @ Gallery 1988

Luke Chueh (interviewed) “Inferno” opened last night in Los Angeles at Gallery 1988 to the delight of an expectant crowd who had gathered to see what Chueh had in store for them.  Those who had attended his last show at Corey Helford in March sensed hints of a slight change in direction from the creator of the iconic “Sad Bear.” Chueh delivered on multiple fronts with this body of work based on the first section (Inferno) of Dante Alighieri’s epic poem, the “Divine Comedy,” or commonly […]

Teaser: Takashi Murakami @ Gagosian Gallery (NYC)

Takashi Murakami has been a busy boy. With exhibitions already planned at Emmanuel Perrotin (here) this month and Palace of Versailles (here) in 2010, it seems that Takashi wants to make sure that the “big apple” is not forgotten. The legendary Gagosian Gallery in New York will play host to an exhibition from September 17th – October 24th with a new body of work. This gorgeous painting being worked on looks to be a combo of Murakami’s famed “727-272” and his skulls we saw at his Brooklyn Museum […]