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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Dash Snow Memorial @ East River Amphitheater

A second public memorial for Dash Snow will be held tomorrow, October 1 at the East River Amphitheater on the East River from 3:30pm – 7:00pm.  All are welcome to attend.  Come celebrate the life of one of NYC’s most beloved artists.

Benefit: Revo Los Angeles Art Show

An art show to benefit “Sekolah Dasar Balem Wamena” (SDBW), a model school in West Papua, Indonesia is set to open on October 4th at the UCLA Ackerman Grand Ballroom. The event ($10 admission) put on by REVO LA will feature works from Ekundayo, Joshua Clay, Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed), Shepard Fairey (featured), Mr. Brainwash and others (full list here).

Donald Fisher (1928 – September 27, 2009)

Having lived a full life we all would aspire to living, Donald Fisher passed away in San Francisco at the age of 81, after a battle with cancer.  Along with his wife, Doris, Fisher founded and built The Gap from a single store into a clothing empire.  He graduated in 1950 from UC Berkeley, where he was a star swimmer and water polo player.  Philanthropy was important to him and he was involved in the Bay Area United Way and founded the KIPP (Knowledge is […]

Update: Stella Im Hultberg

Looks like Stella Im Hultberg (interviewed) has been working through some ideas recently for her upcoming show “Penumbra” alongside Amy Sol (teased) in November at Copro Gallery. Stella’s versatile showing at Thinkspace Gallery in July left her many options to pursue, but this new show, tentatively speaking, will probably focus on works on paper and perhaps wood. Also, as if Stella and Amy weren’t enough, Nicoletta Ceccoli (interviewed) will be showing concurrently with them. More images from Stella and showcard after the jump…

Countdown to Baby Tattooville 2009: Travis Louie & James Gurney & KRK Ryden

T-Minus 3 days til the launch of Baby Tattooville 2009 and we continue with our preview with three more artist that will be in attendance. These three artists have a knack for turning fantastic ideas into reality with their unique talents. The first artist James Gurney is a legend in the field of illustration. A superbly accomplished artist and one of only 35 illustrators chosen to represent his generation in “The Illustrator in America (1860-2000).” Most of you may recognize his work from the best-selling […]

Openings: C215 @ Galerie Pierre Cardin

Prolific French street artist C215 (Christian Guémy) recently opened a show at Galerie Pierre Cardin in Paris, returning to his roots after showing in the UK at the Signal Gallery (covered) and at a special collaborative project at the old Bridewell Police Station. Included in the exhibition are his signature stencils featuring portraiture of people of the streets – the homeless, beggars, orphans, animals, and victims of neglect.  The body of work includes pieces on wood, paper, and found objects and conveyed a versatility of […]

Preview: Masakatsu Sashie – “Twentieth Century Boy”

Opening tomorrow night in Hollywood (as we told a couple weeks ago) is Japanese phenom Masakatsu Sashie’s tribute to the British glam rock band T-Rex. Riffing on his trademark floating orbs, typically composed of reclaimed vending machines, electronics and cultural scraps, Sashie has meticulously hidden references of one of his favorite bands within this batch of paintings. Thanks to curatorial work of Darren Romanelli (designer of Dr. Romanelli clothing) and Eric Nakamura (owner of Giant Robot), collectors in Southern California will have an opportunity to […]

Streets/Sky: Ron English – “Clouds”

With a 35 year career of billboard hijacks already under his belt and a recent showing at the prestigious Elms Lesters Painting Rooms (studio visit and opening),  Ron English’s career is going in only one direction: up.  And in this case, quite literally, Ron has taken his art to a whole new level by spelling out the word “cloud”, in clouds, five times over the NYC skyline.  Video after the jump.

Preview: Michael Lau – “Gardener 10th” @ De La Barracuda

When one thinks of Michael Lau, one thinks of the “godfather of vinyl” or the originator of the “art toy.”  Without his innovation and hard work long ago, we would not have many of the art-related figures and projects we cover and collect from artists we love today.  His epic show “Gardener 10th” opening at De La Barracuda tonight not only chronicles the 10 year history of his “Gardener” line but will also have much of the related artwork and sketches on display (and of […]

Video: Art Forum Berlin (2009)

Here is a a quick walk-through by Vernissage TV of Berlin’s big art fair – Art Forum – that ended last weekend. We already bought you a taste of Futura (covered) and Herakut’s (covered) participation in this week of art festivities for the Germans, which only makes us look forward to this year’s Art Basel in Miami even more…