T-Minus 3 days til the launch of Baby Tattooville 2009 and we continue with our preview with three more artist that will be in attendance. These three artists have a knack for turning fantastic ideas into reality with their unique talents.

The first artist James Gurney is a legend in the field of illustration. A superbly accomplished artist and one of only 35 illustrators chosen to represent his generation in “The Illustrator in America (1860-2000).” Most of you may recognize his work from the best-selling book series Dinotopia’s iconic covers that dazzled readers across the globe. Oh, did we mention he also has 3 Hugo awards to his name? The above piece is going to be at BT this weekend. Check out a look at what to expect from KRK Ryden and Travis Louie after the jump.

KRK Ryden has a unique point of view on art. He started doing album covers for bands and evolved into a mash up pop style that reveals comic books, cartoons and punk rock. Very colorful is a good way to describe KRK’s never dull style. Check out his piece for BT above.

Our next artist needs not much introduction. Coming off of a recent cross-nation book release (covered) and fresh off his show “Portrait of a Young Monster” at Roq La Rue (covered), you can say that Travis Louie is no novice when it comes to the strange and fascinating. We are excited to get to see Travis do some work in person. Check out some of the mini drawings that he’s working on for BT.

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