T-minus 4 days to Baby Tattooville and as promised we bring sneak peeks from three more artists that will be in attending. The first up is the crazy talented and even more imaginative Greg “Craola” Simkins (Interviewed). With a his finely honed skills with the brush, he continues to create beautiful paintings for one sellout show after another. Above is his latest piece for BT called “Hives.”  Check out more from Buff Monster and Miss Mindy after the jump.

The next artist was the final member added to the BT 09 team. The last time AM visited the man known as “Buff Monster” we were kicking it at his pad for a little studio visit. Now, he will be rolling into Riverside armed with his classic pink and gooey characters to share with attendees..

Finally, we get to Miss Mindy, an uber charming gal whom descends from a long line of artists and designers, dating back to a “grand-mama” who was an inker and painter at Disney back in the 1930’s! Miss Mindy has a wit and humor to match her talent on numerous mediums. Her works have ranged from illustration to woodcut paintings to ink drawings to multi-media customs. Check out a peek at her work to be made into a print at BT. Miss Mindy has even taken the time to create some “loot bags” for the participants of BT. What are loot bags? Beats us… we just know that it’ll have some goodies like the “nickels” below…

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