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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Decoding Jackson Pollock

Could Jackson Pollock’s famous painting “Mural” (commissioned by the collector Peggy Guggenheim for her New York City apartment) actually contain the letters of his name? According to art historian, Henry Adams, that’s exactly what he sees hidden among the one of the 20th century’s most important artworks.  At first we were skeptical as most Pollock “experts” were, but check out this little roll-over interactive feature and you may be convinced as well.

Teaser: Miss Van – “Lovestain” @ StolenSpace

Acclaimed female street artist Miss Van is set to open her show “Lovestain” at StolenSpace on the 1st of October. Although the show will be somewhat of a retrospective, she’ll also be bringing a new body of work that sounds impressive as she’ll be taking over two exhibition spaces. Last we saw of her, she was opening a small two person show with Jeremy Fish in SF so we are excited to see what she has created for her largest solo to date. There will […]

Openings: Camilla d’Errico & Caia Koopman – “Vain Remains”

Camilla d’Errico and Caia Koopman recently opened their joint show “Vain Remains” to a very vibrant Silver Lake crowd at Thinkspace Gallery. Both artist showed some strong yet feminine paintings to the pleasure of many that attended. We caught some of their peers such as London Police and Buff Monster (featured) hanging out at the always crowded TS openings. Check out all the opening night pics after the jump.

Openings: Futura – “Odyssey Two” @ Art Forum Berlin

Fresh off successful shows in Los Angeles and Dubai, Futura returns with Odyssey Two, an exhibition of new works, as well as key pieces from as far as 20 years back in his fabled career.  He’s found another spot in the globe to conquer and it’s Berlin.  Fans will be able to see significant works, such as the original Pointman canvas, as well as early Pointman sketches, and early abstract pieces, right next to his most recent works.  Think of it as a retrospective and […]

Viewpoints: Traditional Museums Set Record Attendence Non-Traditionally

The recession has been hitting everyone hard, even the museums are being hit in their wallets. From the MOCA needing a bail out to the Rose Art Museum selling off their collection, museums seem to be dealing with declining attendance and many have been forced to reduce payroll or take mandatory staff furloughs to make ends meet. Yet there’s a silver lining to every situation. Some museums have found ways to boost attendance by tapping into alternative “non-traditional” art forms. Museum mainstays such as Rembrandt, […]

Preview: “3 Pins on a Map II” @ Compound Gallery

Compound Gallery is opening a show on October 1st entitled “3 Pins on a Map II” featuring artists from three different parts of the world.  Krista Huot (interviewed) – Canada, Jeni Yang – USA, and Kana Ohtsuki– Japan all will be sending works to the Portland gallery for all to enjoy. More preview images after the jump…

Preview: “Three Apples” Hello Kitty Show @ Royal T

We have tried to avoid posting about this show for a while now, but glimpses of new work pouring into the AM office forced our hand. Yes, Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary is upon us (what, you didn’t know?) and SANRIO has enlisted a pretty nice list of artists to help them celebrate including Gary Baseman (featured), Ron English (featured), Buff Monster (featured), Camilla d’Errico, Luke Chueh (interviewed), Deph, Yosuke Ueno, Colin Christian, Amanda Visell, Jeremyville, Melissa Haslam (interviewed), Hush (interviewed) just to name a few. […]

Showing: Herakut @ Berliner Liste Art Fair

Looks like there’s some new work from Herakut (interviewed) currently showing at this years’ Berliner Liste art fair.  Established six years ago, the fair has grown into the second largest in Berlin (behind the Art Forum) and has become known for its support of fresh young contemporary artists. German collaborative duo Herakut certainly fit the bill coming off successful shows in the UK and in NY.  Some more images as well as a video…  After the jump.

Highlights: Recommended Openings For September 24-30

Leading the charge this week is the return of the renowned Antony Micallef to Lazarides Rathbone Place with his first solo show in almost three years since rocking things out in Los Angeles. September is winding down and the art machine is ready to kick it into full gear as we head into the month of October. The big fairs down in Miami are just around the corner as well, so be sure to keep checking AM for all the latest news and sneak previews.  Check out […]

Publications / Book Launch: Street Artists – The Complete Guide @ Pure Evil Gallery

If you are anything like the guys at AM, then you love to read and collect art books… Street Art has been widely documented over the last 25 years, since Martha Cooper (interviewed) and Henry Chalfant’s (interviewed) now legendary “Subway Art” hit the shelves back in 1984. We recently heard that a new tome entitled “Street Artists: The Complete Guide” is going to be launched by Graffito Books at London’s Pure Evil Gallery on September 24th (from 6pm onwards). “Street Artists: The Complete Guide” is […]