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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Countdown to Baby Tattooville 2009: Greg Simkins & Miss Mindy & Buff Monster

T-minus 4 days to Baby Tattooville and as promised we bring sneak peeks from three more artists that will be in attending. The first up is the crazy talented and even more imaginative Greg “Craola” Simkins (Interviewed). With a his finely honed skills with the brush, he continues to create beautiful paintings for one sellout show after another. Above is his latest piece for BT called “Hives.”  Check out more from Buff Monster and Miss Mindy after the jump.

Streets: Hush in Newcastle

It’s always exciting to see artists changing things up a bit and we enjoyed these pictures that Hush (interviewed) just sent to us. After recent Stateside shows in LA at Carmichael Gallery (covered) and at Fifty24 / Upper Playground in SF (covered), Hush has a solo exhibit a little closer to home in London coming up this November. Hush called these pieces “expressions” that he’s been putting up in “dark and lonely places” around the UK – these first ones are in Newcastle. We wonder […]

Openings: POW Shop Opens Its Doors

Pictures On Walls (POW) opened a new shop-cum-gallery in London last week and AM dropped in to take a look around at what goodies might be on offer. Rather than being just a print shop, we were pleasantly surprised to find some real gems of hand worked prints plus original works for sale by some of our favourites; including a Banksy canvas, a huge Stephen Powers piece on acrylic, original work from Kill Pixie and Blu plus a fantastic collection of work from the prolific […]

Video: Blu Mural @ Deitch Studios

Apparently, Blu is already hard at work again after finishing his time-intensive “graffiti animation” video “Combo” collaboration with David Ellis for this year’s Fame Festival. This time, he’s in NY, for a large mural at Deitch Studios. I guess Deitch is in a generous mood since they just commissioned Os Gemeos for a mural not long ago. Some pics after the jump…

Teaser: Pop Life @ Tate Modern

A pretty major exhibition, “Pop Life,” is opening this week (October 1st) at the Tate Modern. The exhibition will take Andy Warhol’s famous quote “good business is the best art” as its slogan and re-examine how Warhol and legacy of “Pop Art” has influenced artists in the ways they harnass mass media to promote and create an image for themselves. Among the artists represented will be Tracey Emin, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst (video of his search for identical twins for this exhibition after the jump), […]

Countdown to Baby Tattooville 2009: Audrey Kawasaki

As we near this year’s Baby Tattooville (BT) opening this Friday, there’s an air of excitement at the AM office which we can’t quite put into words (pictures maybe…) This buzz is generated from the anticipation that has been building since we attended last year’s BT (Check out our 2008 coverage). Only 5 more days till we bring you our full coverage from BT 09 and to kick off the countdown, we have a special preview of Audrey Kawasaki’s painting for Baby Tattooville. Never failing […]

Openings: Antony Micallef – “Becoming Animal” @ Lazarides

It’s not that often that you feel completely blown away when you walk into a gallery, but that was the feeling AM experienced when we first walked into Lazarides (Rathbone Place) at the opening of Antony Micallef’s epic solo show, “Becoming Animal.” We’d been anticipating this show since well before we interviewed Antony (read that here) a couple of weeks back, and hearing him talk about his motivations behind the show only whet our appetite even more. He told us that this show was all about him […]

Preview: Melissa Forman – “Garden of Shadows” @ Corey Helford Gallery

Next weekend, Melissa Forman will be bringing her evocative portraiture to Corey Helford Gallery with her new body of work “Garden of Shadows.” Some of her paintings seem to be of the modern women yet give off a classical feeling – perhaps because of the poses and the clothing of the long ago Victorian era.  The centerpiece of the exhibition will be four “personified portraits of medieval medicine’s bodily humours (Purity, Vexation, Reluctance and Melancholia).”  The show opens on  October 3rd so be sure to […]

Preview/Setup: JR – “Women Are Heroes” (Nuit Blanche – Paris)

Here’s a little behind the scenes look into JR’s preparation for his latest project: “Women Are Heroes” which is already in progress as he “re-does” structures in Paris in his signature bold fashion. This new project which officially opens Oct 3rd will coincide with the art festival Nuit Blanche in Paris (“All Nighter” in French) – an annual cultural event where all the museums and art spaces are open during one night and artists redecorate the city. It’s amazing to see the scale that JR […]

Behind the Scenes: Futura – Odyssey Two” @ Art Forum Berlin

AM was on-hand as Futura prepared for the his latest exhibition “Odyssey Two” that opened at Art Forum Berlin.  In addition to the canvases we showed you earlier, the exhibition included moderately-priced Pointman drawings, which are rumored to be sold out at preview.  A Pointman print that was debuted is also said to be completely sold out. As the legendary graffiti artist braced for the public to see the work that spans 20 years of his career, he grabbed his spray can and blessed the […]