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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Video: Yoskay Yamamoto Interview for Scion “Self-Portraits” Exhibition

We are looking forward to Yoskay Yamamoto (interviewed) taking part in a New York show sometime in November.  We’ll have more on that later, but for now, check out this nice little interview he did in regards to the Scion Installation Tour (covered) that finally hit its last stop in Los Angeles.  He talked about his piece for the show as well as how he got started on the gallery circuit, among other things.  You can bid on Yoskay’s “Self Portrait” here if you are […]

Releases: David Choe – “Death Blossom” Print

Remember that show-stopper piece that David Choe painted in April for his solo show in China (covered)?  Apparently, he has decided to release a print of of the stunning “Death Blossom.”  It looks like this limited edition will be available for that Giant Robot Biennale 2 show at the Japanese American National Museum (JANM) next month that we told you about. To get an idea of how large that original painting was, take a look at Choe next it as well as check out his […]

Openings: Anthony Lister – “And Then The Wind Changed” @ New Image Art

AM stopped by briefly at New Image Art out on Santa Monica Blvd amidst a busy art weekend to check out the Anthony Lister (interviewed) show.  Lister was in town last week to open his new LA solo show, “And Then The Wind Changed” featuring medium and large paintings as well as some installations. Check out additional pics of the works in the show and more after the jump.

Showing: Barry McGee @ The Pasadena Armory Center for the Arts

Barry McGee has been busy this month.  Not only was he in France for his massive install at the Biennale de Lyon and opening a solo show in Rome at Galleria Alessandra Bonomo, Mr. Pimple also found time to participate in the anniversary show at the Pasadena Armory.   The Armory commissioned 20 artists to celebrate its 20 years of exhibition history with installations both inside the Armory and at different sites in Pasadena. Take a look at photos McGee’s contribution after the jump…

Preview: Ana Bagayan – “Critters” @ Roq La Rue

Next month, opening on October 9th to be exact, Ana Bagayan (featured) will be part of a group show with Tin (interviewed) and Ryan Heshka. She’s planning to have some drawings and 5 large paintings for this show, one of which is 24″ x 36″, oil on wood, seen above – “Critters.”  Take a look at some more preview shots after the jump…

Streets: Banksy – “IKEA Punk”

Since we saw some alleged activity from him last month, looks like another Banksy has turned up in Croydon (Beddington Farm Road). As per usual now, no official confirmation but once again, there are signs that this is from the Bristol Bomber. For one, the “punk” is quite similar to the one seen at his recent Bristol Museum exhibition (covered).  The immaculate stenciling and biting humor are also Mr. B’s calling cards. More images after the jump…

One Year Anniversary of Being “Arrested”

Can you believe it’s already been one year since this little art website came to life? We can’t believe it either. It’s been a wild ride through the world of Contemporary, Low Brow, and Street Art. We would like to thank all the artists that have let us into their world and shared their unique vision and talents. Most of all we would like to thank you, the readers, for supporting Arrested Motion.

Openings: The London Police – “Brothers in Arms” @ Carmichael Gallery

The London Police opened a huge show last week in Los Angeles at the Carmichael Gallery located out on La Brea. The art lovers of LA came out in strong numbers to support the show and to catch the premiere of the Ashton Kutcher produced “Brothers In Arms” short film (teased) that chronicled 5 days of the TLP being handcuffed together during the final touches of their show. The flim is hilarious and came out so good. Thanks to NOMAD (who’s still in town after his […]

Openings: Scion Installation 5 – “Self Portrait” (LA)

Last Saturday, Scion’s Installation Art Tour which originally started at Art Basel – Miami last year, arrived at it’s final destination – Culver City.  After stops in Detroit, Phoenix, Minneapolis, New York, San Jose, Philadelphia, and Portland, this year’s “Self Portraits” themed art will be auctioned off (artnet) to benefit Creative Capital, a national artist support organization.  Take a look at the opening as well as all the art work after the jump and get to bidding as there are bargains to be had…

Video: Jonathan Yeo – “Porn Equals Art”

One of the more interesting artists from Lazarides, Jonathan Yeo, just released a video featuring some of his recent work; his porn collages in particular. He discusses the origins of his technique, the process, and interesting “finishing touches” that he needs to find for each of his pieces. Besides the video, there are two other bits of news from Yeo. The first is that as of yesterday, a new series of 30 original works, entitled “Ode to Autumn” was made available at the Shop at […]