A few weeks ago, the Boston ICA closed it’s doors on the record breaking “Supply & Demand” retrospective (covered) for Shepard Fairey. In case you missed the announcement here on AM, there still will be 2 more stops for this amazing show – first at the Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh) and then at the Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art (Cincinnati).

So, the next stop is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – the home town of Andy Warhol and at none other than the Warhol Museum. In preparation for the coming show, Mr. Fairey does what he does best – make his presence felt by creating murals and sharing it’s artistic majesty with the good people of steel city. Check out a little taste of what Shep has in store for the for the coming show at the Warhol Museum (Oct 18th, 2009) after the jump.

Photos by Vaughn Wallace.
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