Toronto seems to be a vibrant cultural city and galleries such as Show & Tell Gallery and LE Gallery are leading the charge with an excellent and exciting roster of young artists to bring the new contemporary scene to the attention of the world.  This week sees Brian Donnelly open his new solo show “Blasphemies, Monstrosities, & Other Perversions” at Show & Tell.

Read on for more preview images.

Donnelly caught AM’s eye a little white back with his poignant images of human forms mutated and juxtaposed with animalia. We think the strength of his pieces stems from his use of negative space backgrounds and his partial obliteration of the image with thick drips of white paint at the point of the graft, continuing the negativity of the background into his compositions.  We’re looking forward to seeing the rest of the work created for this show. On the basis of these 3 teaser images we received we’re expecting a very strong showing from Donnelly.

The show opens on the 11th September. If you are in Toronto, mark your calendars.

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