Herakut is doing a live painting session in Berlin on October 8th at the “Style Project Room” (sponsored by stylemag.net and Partisan Vodka). This “One Night – One Piece” event will take place from 7-11 pm at Schonhauser Allee 8, Berlin Mitte. Hera (interviewed) tells us that she and Akut will be working on a triptych with one of the pieces being donated to the “Berliner Charité,” which is a hospital.

Read what she had to say about the project after the jump…

“Originally, we were asked to do a charity-auction were the proceeds go to an organization of our choice – but then I thought: why does charity always have to work like that? Why do we need the monetary factor – wouldn’t anyone be happy to be given a piece of art for free? So, I thought, we should paint a piece for people who are forced to sit around in one boring place and give the world something to distract them from their own thoughts. That’s how we came up with the idea that our piece should end up lightening the day of people who wait for their doctor’s appointment. That’s why the piece will go to the hospital.”

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