T-Minus 2 days til the doors open on Baby Tattooville 2009 and we were able to get you sneak peeks from two more artists which are going to be a part of this weekend extravaganza. First up is Liz McGrath, a lady with a talent for finding the beauty in the “grotesqueness” of life. Where we see a dark street corner with unsavory creatures of the night, she sees an alternate perspective where imagination and craftsmanship brings to light artistic gems. Above is her work that will be at BT.

The next artist hails originally from Toba Japan and has been blurring the line between the urban/pop/asian art genres. A self taught artist, Yoskay Yamamoto brings a rare energy and imagination to all his projects. He has the refinement and tradition of his Japanese heritage, but also blends it with “Pop” subjects and other techniques (e.g. stenciling & sanding). As his sold out solo “Hello and Goodbye” (covered) showed us, he’s also a master of many mediums from (sculpture, installations, vinyl and his often massive paintings).

Check out the hand finished Gocco prints he made for the participants of BT after the jump.

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