In 1994, Giant Robot was born with the purpose of documenting and promoting new, up-and-coming, underdog, overlooked, and hybrid Asian and Asian-American popular culture. Fifteen years later, the self-published magazine has not only evolved from a stapled-and-folded zine into a full-color, glossy publication with an international following, but also opened trend-setting shops and influential art galleries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City. To celebrate the magazine’s longevity, energy, and loyal readership, the second Giant Robot Biennale is being hosted by the Japanese American National Museum in Downtown Los Angeles from October 24, 2009 to January 24, 2010.

To provide a visual overview of the Giant Robot aesthetic, publisher Eric Nakamura is curating artwork by individuals who have contributed to shows at Giant Robot’s galleries, been featured in the pages of the magazine, or even contributed cover art. The main hall will include installations by David Choe, James Jean, and Souther Salazar, in addition to Theo Ellsworth, Rob Sato, kozyndan, Stella Lai, Jack Long, Albert Reyes, Jeff Soto, and Deth P. Sun. A second hall will include the contributions of more than 50 others (see list and more after the jump).

Also, be sure to check out all the other shows opening this weekend around the globe after the jump. You’re going to wish you could clone yourself after checking them all out as there are just too many great shows for one human to catch. With that in mind, rest easy knowing you can count on AM to bring you coverage of all the shows that matter.

Setting up at the JANM - James Jean spray-painting, David Choe blonde? Wha-wha-what?

Setting up at the JANM - James Jean spray-painting, David Choe blonde? Wha-wha-what? Photo via Eric Nakamura.


Sat, Oct. 24th 6-10PM
Japanese American National Museum
369 East First Street in Los Angeles
“Giant Robot Biennale 2: 15 F*cking Years” featuring major new works from David Choe, Souther Salazar, Rob Sato, James Jean, kozyndan, Jeff Soto, Stella Lai, Theo Ellsworth, Deth P. Sun, Jack Long and Albert Reyes along with a special collaboration from Le Merde, David Horvath and Yukinori Dehara plus indie video games and a photo retrospective of the last 15 years of Giant Robot and in a second hall, a 50+ person group show featuring works from the likes of Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Apak, Bigfoot, Bwana Spoons, Dan-ah Kim, Edwin Ushiro, Hannah Stouffer, Jen Corace, Jon Burgerman, Luke Chueh, Mari Inukai, Marci Washington, Mark Todd, Matt Furie, PCP, Robert Bellm, Scrappers, Thomas Han and many, many more.
(On view through January 24th, 2010)

In addition to what was mentioned above, the photography of longtime magazine contributor Ben Clark will also be featured in a retrospective. Clark’s powerful images from past issues will be displayed in a larger, more vibrant print format, accompanied by recollections, explanations, and other ramblings by editor Martin Wong.

Also, the roots of Asian popular culture–the kaiju scene introduced by Godzilla, Gamera, other giant monsters, and the toy industry they spawned–will be paid tribute to by a run of collaborative works made by Japanese indie sculptor and artist Yukinori Dehara, UglyDolls co-creator David Horvath, and Portland, OR-based underground toy legend LeMerde.

See you all there!

Ron English

Ron English

LOS ANGELES (Home to the movement):

Fri, Oct. 23rd 7-11PM
Gallery 1988 Los Angeles
7020 Melrose Ave in Los Angeles / 323.937.7088
“SMart: Artwork inspired by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier’s SModcast” featuring works from David MacDowell, Scott Campbell, Lesley Reppeteaux, NC Winters, Misha, Roland Tamayo, Kiersten Essenpreis, Israel Sanchez, Andrew Wilson, Tom Haubrick, Sean Clarity and many more
(Special one-night only event hosted by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier)

Fri, Oct. 23rd
8910 Washington Blvd. in Culver City / 310.559.6300
“Three Apples” special event celebrating 35 years of Hello Kitty including a group show featuring Hello Kitty inspired works from over 80 artists including Gary Baseman, Ron English, Amanda Visell, Buff Monster, Camilla d’Errico, Tara McPherson, Kathie Olivas, Aiko, Andrew Brandou, FriendsWithYou, Natalia Fabia, Mark Dean Veca, Luke Chueh, Jeremyville, Travis Louie, Yoskay Yamamoto, Deph, Melissa Haslam, Hush, Nate Frizzell, Colin Christian, Yosuke Ueno and many more plus a special product retrospective, a Hello Kitty ‘apartment’ installation, a pop-up shop with tons of limited edition items for the event, a Hello Kitty themed café menu and be sure to check out the site for a slew of events going on throughout the exhibition including a Halloween part on Sat, Oct. 31st – don’t miss that!
(On view through Nov. 15th)

Sat, Oct. 24th 7-10PM
NONI Boutique
225 North Larchmount Blvd in Los Angeles
“Fall To Pieces” featuring new works from Augustine Kofie

Arik Roper

Arik Roper


Fri, Oct. 23rd 7-10PM
Factory Fresh
1053 Flushing avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn
“Grand Champions Forever, Never Say Die” curated by John Breiner. Feauting Maylis Atkins, James Blagden, John Breiner, Rich Browd, Andreis Costa, Denise Despirto, Brendan Donnelly, Mickey Duzyj, J.Elias, Eric Elms, Michael Farmer, Gary Fogelson, Sam Friedman, Ellis Gallagher, Matt Holister, Psychotropic Horizons, Taras Hrabowsky, Stephen Key, Mr. Kiji, Jordan Kleinman, Cat Lauigan, Sakura Maku, Josh Matta, Louie Guy Metzner, Soner On, Peter Paquin, John Francis Peters, Patrick Rocha, Graham Shimberg, Jessica Smith, Joe Whiteley

Sat, Oct. 24th 7-10PM
Fuse Gallery
93 2nd Avenue (between 5th & 6th Streets) in Manhattan
“The Hidden Dimension” featuring new works from Arik Roper
(On view through Nov. 28th)

Sat, Oct. 24th 7-11PM
Last Rites Gallery
511 W. 33rd Street in Manhattan
“13TH Hour” second annual group exhibition featuring new works from Brian M. Viveros, Shawn Barber, Matthew Bone, Ewelina Ferruso, Paul Booth, Brendan Danielsson, Craig LaRotunda, Jeff McMillan, Pooch, Anthony Pontius, Dan Quintana, David Stoupakis, Genevive Zacconi, Chet Zar, and many more
(On view through Nov. 22nd)

Sat, Oct. 24th 7-9PM
Jonathan LeVine Gallery
29 West 20th Street, 9th Floor in Manhattan
“True Self” group show curated by Gary Baseman and featuring Adam Wallacavage, Alex Prager, Amor Muñoz, Boris Hoppek, Christian Clayton, Cleon Peterson, Dalek, Dave Cooper, David Sandlin, Deedee Cheriel, Eric White, Esther Pearl Watson, Fons Schiedon, Frieda Gossett, Friends With You, Gary Taxali, Gary Baseman, Gerard Dubois, Gretchen Ryan, James Jean, Jennifer Poon, Jonathon Rosen, Korin Faught, Lauren Bergman, Leah Hayes, Lola, Luke Chueh, Marion Peck, Mark Ryden, Mark Todd, Martha Rich, Mike Shinoda, Miso, Natalia Fabia, Orly Cogan, Ray Caesar, Rob Clayton, Robin VanValkenburgh, Ron English, Ryan Heshka, Ryan Jacob Smith, Shag, Shannon Freshwater, The London Police, Tim Biskup, Travis Lampe, and more to come + in gallery II “Make Room For The Emptiness” featuring new works from Jim Houser
(On view through Nov. 21st)

Sat, Oct. 24th 7-10PM
MF Gallery
213 Bond St. (between Butler St. & Baltic St.) in Brooklyn
“7th Annual Halloween Show” featuring works from Ed Repka, Dennis McNett, Matt Siren, Mark Riddick, Aaron Tompkins, Scott Holloway and many more – come in costume and get free beer all eve long
(On view through Nov. 21st)

Sun, Oct. 25th 7-9PM
Rental Gallery
120 East Broadway, floor 6 in Manhattan
Brendan Fowler


Thur, Oct. 22nd 6-8:30PM
Mark Wolfe Contemporary
49 Geary Street, Suite 202 in San Francisco, CA
“Quietly I Will Wait” featuring new sculptural works and drawings from Jud Bergeron
(On view through Nov. 28th)

Gregory Euclide

Gregory Euclide


Fri, Oct. 23rd 5-9PM
Halogen Gallery
2316 2nd Avenue in Seattle, WA
“Drum Of The Draw” curated by Robert Hardgrave – a monthly live, invitational drawing event where at the end of each night, all of the works are for sale for $200 or under, making it an affordable way to purchase original works of art – this month features the talents of Robert Hardgrave, Soopajdelux, Todd Lown, Suzanne Kaufman, Ninjagirl, Karin Yamagiwa and Daniel Mitchell
(One-night only special event)

Fri, Oct. 23rd 7-10PM
2035 SE 39th (@ Lincoln, between Hawthorne & Division)
“Between Launching & Landing” featuring new works from Keenan Havens & Bradley Delay
(On view through Nov. 21st)

Fri, Oct. 23rd 7-10PM
David B. Smith Gallery
1543-A Wazee Street in Denver, CO
New works from Gregory Euclide
(On view through Nov. 14th)

Fri, Oct. 23rd 6-10PM
Upper Playground
4730 University Way NE in Seattle, WA
“Electric Corpse” featuring new works from PARSKID

Sat, Oct. 24th 7PM
Pink Ghost
1888 Polk Street in Hollywood, FL
New paintings, customs and prints from Julie West


Thurs, Oct. 22nd
StolenSpace Gallery
Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane in London E1 6QL
“Green Day presents ‘The Art of Rock’ curated by Logan Hicks” featuring works from Meggs, Peat Wollaeger, Ron English, Sixten, The London Police, Will Barras, Adam 5100, C215, Chris Stain, Dabs Myla, Logan Hicks, and many more
(On view through Nov. 1st)


Thurs, Oct. 22nd 6:30-8:30PM
Gorker Gallery
395 Gore Street (corner of Gore and Kerr Street) in Fitzroy, Victoria, 3065, Australia
“The Never Ending Masterquest from The Triforce Advance” featuring new solo works and collaborative goodness from Ghostpatrol, Acorn and Nior
(On view through Nov. 8th)

As always, please be sure to check out for a more in-depth look at additional events taking place in the Los Angeles new contemporary art scene.