The first time we caught Os Gemeos at a museum was at the CCBB of Rio de Janerio (covered). Then this summer, we hung with Octavio and Gustavo on the streets of Manhattan (here) as they created an awe-inspiring mural to share with the citizens of New York. With all the success they already had in 2009, it left us wondering what they would do next?

Well, great artists often seem to build upon their successes and now the Brazilian twins have stepped their game up again with a jaw-dropping show “Vertigo” (“Vertigem” in Portuguese) at the Brazilian Art Museum: Sao Paulo (MAB-FAAP) which opened on Sunday (Oct 25th). Going with bigger and more intricate installations to fill the enormous show space afforded by the MAB, the twins showed no reservation in their efforts to stun museum goers in their hometown of Sao Paulo. Renown for their vibrant color palettes, interactive installations, and wildly imaginative story telling, this show is vintage example of why Os Gemeos are one of the cornerstone stars of the Street Art movement. This show runs until December 13th so if you’re lucky enough get to Sao Paulo – don’t miss it.

Check out the pictures from the opening after the jump.

These amazing pictures were courtesy of Lost Art please see the full set of pictures here.

Pictures via Lost Art thru Unurth.
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